Four Wheel Camper - A Review

I am a little behind in my response to the winding down of one of the best threads I ever fell into. I have a personal debt of gratitude to KC for being the most influential person in my purchase of my 2009 Eagle. I was able to convince my wife of the value of our purchase after she read a lot of the 30 pages of travalogue KC assembled here. Most of all his assurance that we we making the right purchase when we finally decided to make our purchase.

So actually, I guess I can also blame KC for the fact that I am a little tardy in my reply here. I've been out camping or building up my Taco and adding solar to my Eagle almost every day since the purchase. We've spent 9 nights in the FWC in the month since I drove it home. For each of those nights, and the many more to follow, I thank you, KC, for the inspiration to follow the path you've laid out.

Hopefully, our paths will cross soon and we can share a campfire together under a star filled sky. It would be my pleasure.



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So ....

when do we get the next chapter? You can't quit now!

Like many, this was one of the first threads I followed when I joined in 2008. And I have enjoyed it ever since; a wonderful combination of fun and common sense camping and truck modification.

I feel a special affinity for the Four Wheel Camper as I looked at one in 1977, when my efforts to buy a 4x4 Chevrolet van fell through and I wanted to mate one to a Blazer. It is worth noting that the founder of Provan was associated with Four Wheel Campers back in the day and the earliest Tigers were basically a pop up camper mated to a van or pickup. Indeed today's Tiger is basically the same camper with a molded hard roof.

All of this testimony to the enduring quality of the Four Wheel Camper.

So, keep us posted on your next trip!

All the best,
I don't know if its the photography, the stories or that we both enjoy the same areas of WY and MT (surprised we haven't bumped into each other by now :Wow1:) but I love coming back to this thread! Thanks again for sharing.


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Thanks KC for this great thread. Your pictures and stories - as I mentioned i an earlier post - are therapeutic, at least for me they were.

The focus does shift in life and it is great you are taking a time-out to enjoy your kids growing up. :bowdown: As they will get even older - and believe me, it will go even faster now; it seams it was just yesterday that I watched my "babies" playing Junior Peewee games, they are a senior and junior at high school now,the older fixen to leave for college :eek: your focus in life will continuously be evolving and shifting. I would not be surprised to see you back here on the forum very actively in only a decade or so, telling the cyber world about your real world adventures you meanwhile enjoyed with your kids. As the tag line of the Camel Trophy read: One life, live it! So long, see you later! :wavey:
Wow. I just read all 31 pages of posts. I have been traveling in my 4runner. Sleeping in the back and cooking outside. When bad weather hits, it's less than ideal. A few years ago I built a teardrop trailer. We have put about 20,000 miles on it. It does have limitations. Space and dragging it down trails (I prefer to boondock). I have been looking at rehab'ing a sportsman 8 that I could get cheap (to go on my pickup). Or after reading this, search for a FWC. I found a couple local but I'm out of town so they will have to wait. I want to gut one and build to suit my needs. You truly have me jazzed.

By the way, we bought an engel a few years ago (traveling with prescription drugs that had to stay ~37 degrees at all times). Some of the best money spent. We love it. So much better than a cooler with ice sloshing around.


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I'm a bit late to this party but just as the last person who posted noted...I too just read this entire thread and your photographs are fantastic, words well put, and now I want a FWC even more. Thank you!
I too, just read the entire thread! I don't know if it was the pictures of old stomping grounds and home, or the great writing. Either way Thanks KC, all concerns i had regarding a Hawk FWC have been abolished. I found this thread to be one of the most helpful, and a great read. I vote for it to be published as a coffee table book. I will be sure and let Tom know you convinced me without a doubt. I wish you and the family the best luck on the next chapter of you're life. Thanks for everything!

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Thank you KC

Thank you for sharing the adventures of a lifetime, for living & telling the great tale to us all, for capturing the images that mesmerize late at night when life seems to stall. All the best in your future endeavors with your family. I am truly inspired and have made that leap...Next road sign, "Alaska that'a way." Hope to find you & the family on the trail.

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Purchasing a FWC this week/Tacoma DC
KC, Great review. If I was not so dead set on a hard side id be buying a FWC.

I really enjoyed reading about your travels, stayed up most of the night last night reading.

As well I am pretty sure this is emigrant peak?

I am not sure because I am not used to seeing it from that angle, but if it is I used to live not that far from there when I was in high school, and I was born and raised in Livingston.

I got my first taste of aviation over at The Flying Y ranch MT48 there ole Duane took me up in his 172 when I was about 8 years old, and I have been hooked on flying ever since.
KC, excellent thread! I just spend a better part of the night reading the entire thread, as I stumbled upon it while doing research on how to customize camper shells, researching modifying my 1989 Dodge W250 Cummins into a vehicle I can sleep in and live in for 3-4 days at a time if I go into Travel Nursing [I am an Emergency Room RN & Charge Nurse] , and also something I can take my Wife and children camping in if I do not go into Travel Nursing.

This thread has been an exceptional read! You have me thinking of simply pursuing a FWC instead :coffeedrink:
I just ordered a Grandby from Stan. I pretty much ordered it loaded, and I must say after reading these comments I can't wait. It's going on my 2003 SuperDuty until I can order a new 2013 Superduty. My wife and I have done a lot of tent camping over the past few years, we don't miss are Trailer at all. We kept talking about a way to get in the back country and not worry about cold weather, and be able to tow our Jeep, the solution was a FWC. It's going to be a long 10 weeks!
Now that I have finished this, it was almost like I just lost a friend. Wow KC, what a write up, what amazing pics! This has to be the best thread I have ever read. I really needed to do more work, but kept reading and reading. I just picked up my 95 T100 SR5 for my Son, and now I am going to have to waste more time vs. working while search for a camper. Worst part, looks like he just lost his truck :(. Miss you already KC, how about an updated pic of you last adventure... just one more?! A short paragraph...? Addict here
I'm a new member of the portal and this thread is what sold me on it. I just went through all 32 pages since I searched for reviews on the FWC. The documentation and the commentary are top notch. Thanks to KC for starting it and to everyone who has kept it alive for so long.

I'm interested in the FWC Eagle for my truck but would like the thoughts of the knowledge base here on what I've got. My biggest concern is drivability both on and off road with a loaded camper. My truck is already pretty high with a 4in procomp lift and a 1.5in body lift. I wanted to avoid a body lift but only went because of hood clearance for the 3.4L motor I swapped in to replace my 3.0L. I'm running 33x12.5s with 4:56 gears and a 5 speed.

Considering the lift, tires, gears and engine, would there be anything I would have to change other than adding air bags(which I will definitely choose over the helper springs)? I've been considering a supercharger but I'm more concerned with the drivability because of the height vs the power(my 3.4 is much, much better than the 3.0 I pulled out)

Does anyone here run a FWC with a hilux or 1st gen tacoma that is lifted with at least 33s?
You might want to call Chris at "Rocky Mountain Four Wheel Campers"


He is a Totota Tacoma fan and has been building his truck up for several years.

In the last year he stumbled accross the Four Wheel Pop-up Campers and is now part of the team.

He first bought a used camper, and was so excited he became a dealer for us in Colorado.

He knows Tacomas and off road suspension very well.

In only his first 8 months in business selling campers for us, he is almost our top selling dealer.

Solid guy.

Nice guy to work with.

We are lucky to have him as part of our team.




Thank you Stan. I will try contacting him on my lift questions.
I'll hope to meet you at the off road expo in october if you're going to be there. I'm looking forward to seeing my first FWC in person.