Four Wheel Camper - A Review

I read this thread beginning to end and had a FWC sitting on back of my truck 6 months later. It is absolutely everything I hoped it would be. I like to sit in it and drink beer when I am not using it to plot and plan my next adventure.
I sit in my Alaskan (unfinished) in the garage and drink a beer while day dreaming:)
Now the hard part... my Hawk is being built.... expected delivery 9 November... hope I get it early ;) I already have trip planned to break it in ;)


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Would be nice to see if KC still has the FWC and how well it's still holding up!
If you used PhotoBucket there's a good chance files are inaccessible unless you pay for their $400.premium service. I have heard bad things about PB. I think it time for the site monitors to stop accepting PhotoBucket pic???


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Given that KC's last post was on 08-12-2013, and the huge effort it would take I highly doubt that anything further will happen with this thread. Were I a mod I'd lock it.


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Will a 6ft FWC fit into a 5ft bed with tailgate down?
Not a good idea?
Meaning as in a Tacoma doublecab shortbed with a Finch/Fleet? It happens a lot but with the tailgate removed. No reason you couldn't leave the tailgate on. I have a finch in a 6' bed and can close my tailgate. Some owners are against having the tailgate due to the angle which entering the camper is optimum. I like my tailgate though. I have a porch to leave items on such as shoes, water, and other misc stuff.