Free Tent, Kodiak Canvas 10X10


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Free Tent Kodiak 10X10... Bought in 2015 , never used, only taken out of the box once.. This is not a scam or anything remotely like it.. I am just trying to cut my losses without dealing with tire kickers etc, I realized the tent was too much for one man and two dogs...Tent is located in Long beach, Ca ..PM here for more info


Well - anyone who wants to get rid of some gear - my daughter who is now 20 - just reconnected with me (her mother - my ex - did a number by convincing her I didn't want her - unbelievable as she was literally my shadow). But, long story short - she refused to see me or speak to me for 7 years. She and her boyfriend are getting into camping and hiking so, I'm trying to help her out with gear. I don't have an issue paying for it. Many thanks in advance for any consideration.
And thanks for the inspiration - on the flip side I paid forward: two light bars, 4 pod lights, mounting brackets.
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