Freespirit Recreation Odyssey Tent - Any info out there? Opinions about GoFSR?


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I have been looking at RTT's for a few months now. I came across the soon to be released FSR Odyssey which has everything I'm looking for including a roof rack of its own.

I decided to put a deposit down to pre-order one. I was hoping some video content or reviews would trickle out but haven't seen anything aside from what is on their website a short video from SEMA that didn't exactly go into depth.

Does anyone know if there's some early reviews out there from ambassadors or popular youtubers? Also, what are people's thoughts on GoFSR as a company for those who own their other products. Thanks in advance for any info!

Link to the tent in question:


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Have a look at youtube. There are two video's there from SEMA 2019 that feature Odyssey.

I saw the tent in FSR office in Bend OR just after Christmas. It was the prototype, so not entirely sure if it will be the exact same as final product. Looked solid.

FSR very solid company. I see many of their tents and people I speak to are happy with them.