Front DiffLock engaged light on.


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Hi to all the comunity

I am Oscar and I have a G300 Proffessional 2018. Today while driving at around 60K/h the Front Differential Locker red light turned on and the Electronic Stability Control System (ESC) and ABS went offline. The locker is not engaged and it would not engage when followig the right lockers engaging sequence (center - rear - front). Low gear and central and rear difflocks engage as it should.

I was already having issues with the TPMS system which MB have been unable to solve they are blamimng the fact that I changed wheels to the Hutchinson Beadlock wheels (but I used these wheels correctly funtioning for 8 months). with the support of some super cool guys here I learn that it is possible that the TPMS Control Unit could be faulty (identified with N88). But with this situation now I am afraid that the problem is even larger, perhaps a wiring or computers problem.

I would be very grateful if someone experiencing the same situation could give me some guidance