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My recently purchased Isuzu NPS came with an alloy bullbar and a Warn 15,000 lb winch. The winch subframe has been bent due to it being used by the previous owner with some of the attachment bolts missing. The truck has no front recovery points. The winch subframe is attached to the front of the chassis rails and the bullbar is attached to the subframe. The bullbar can be hinged down however, as my truck is a crewcab and does not tilt, this is not required.

I am looking for ideas on how to attach recovery points. It would seem to me the 3 options are- Over the top of the bullbar, through the front of the bullbar and under the bullbar.


If I go underneath the bottom of the bullbar is about 160mm lower than the bottom of the chassis rail. This will mean a substantial bracket and also has the potential for the recovery strap to foul the bottom edge of the bullbar.

The existing eye bolts are only rated at 1.4T and are attached to a bracket welded to the side of the main structure. I wouldn't like to try to recover from them.

My preference is to bring a lug through the face of the bullbar made from 12mm plate with a hole for a 4.75T shackle, keeping the force in line with the chassis rails. There is a NSW regulation preventing brackets being in front of the face of the bullbar but if it is rounded and doesn't protrude too much this will probably be ok? However I'm open to other ideas.


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The existing eye bolts are only rated at 1.4T and are attached to a bracket welded to the side of the main structure.
If you are referring to the two eye bolts that allow the bullbar to be tilted, no, these are not designed to be used as recovery points.

From what I have seen on other vehicles, recovery points are normally kept as low as possible.
Yes, pulling directly inline with the chassis rail should result in the lowest stress, but on my truck the recovery points are about 160mm below the bottom of the chassis rail and the eyes, which are about 40mm diameter, are positioned underneath and behind the front face of the bullbar.
This seems to be a pretty standard configuration on these types of trucks.


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Thanks SkiFreak

Do you have a photo you can send me? Did you buy your recovery points or make them?

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Build a 50mm receiver into the steel work behind the Bullbar possibly in line with the chassis rail and a hole in the bar for it to go through. Then buy a normal Recovery Piece (Hitch Receiver) that will fit into the receiver and pin into place. This can be removed when not really needed in place.



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I failed to mention that the recovery points on my truck are part of the winch mount.

I also agree with Dan, that it may be easier to create a simple receiver at the front and use that as the recovery point.
One benefit of that approach would be that it ties the two chassis rails together, making it stronger.


kind of on topic but does anyone make a bolt in winch cradle for an NPS? mines a 2002. I was going to get something made but if theres a off the shelf solution thats a good option.



I did mine, right inline with the frame rails with 2 of the bolts on either side of each point. They are welded to the back plate that is also the winch mount and welded to the front surface that you see here.