Front shocks ranch or bilstein?

Looking for front shocks for a fe180, found part numbers for bilstein 5100 or rancho rs9000, looking for opinions on which will give the smoothest ride? Truck is a pavement work truck not a off roader.



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Bilstein, hands down. Ride like a Cadillac - perform like a trophy truck :)

Research the design. Truly a lifetime performing shock absorber.
I'm doing a 4 inch lift and really need to replace my shocks does anybody have the stock specs of front and rear stroke and bolt up dimensions?

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If this is a work truck with widely changing loads - I'd say Rancho 9000's. You can dial in the exact damping for smooth highway, two track or a heavy tall load. I've used them over the last 30 years on my trucks. Guaranteed for life (if you keep the original reciept), good luck getting any type of adjustment with Bilstiens. Never had one leak, squeak, rip, rattle or tear. Each set got at least 200k miles on them before the truck left.
I moved a very heavy water logged wooden framed camper once. The truck couldn't go over 45 mph without bobbing and weaving dangerously. I stopped and dialed up the Ranchos a little and it handled like a sports car.
Good and Cheap shocks.
Very happy with my adjustable Ranchos.....FG140 at 10,000lbs 90% of the time w/ the new Aussie springs up front and 37x12.50x17s. Springs raised it up 2.5" and another 2.5" for the tires. I am curious to hear what people think of the Sachs shocks....
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I ended up going bilstein, was cheaper and quicker and has to be a upgrade from monroe, I plan to hit the highway this weekend so I'll know then
I can't remember the model they are the silver ones improve the ride a little bit but nothing too crazy the biggest Improvement I've had was trimming weights off of the front of the truck