FS: 1995 Disco SD 5 Speed



Meant to put this car up for sale for a long time now, I just can't justify having this and the current doofender.

1995 Discovery 1 V8 SD

3.9L 225k miles

$8k OBO

The good
is a 5 speed (yeah boi)
trans is a reman ashcroft standard setup
new clutch (standard duty) fitted January 2018, think ~5k miles ago
"new" trans, and a 70k mile tbox (1.2 disco unit) (with an ashcroft crossdrilled input gear) fitted same time as clutch
SD model (no sunroofs yeah boi)
White with tan interior, cloth, manual seats (dat Scott Brady game boi)
next to zero rust (California car)
it runs
it drives
it shifts good
diff lock works, low range works
has 4 NRC7578 5.5 steelies. (spare is the disco standard one).
all prop shaft u joints replaced Jan 2018
new rubber donut rotoflex at rear diff
put a new bosch alternator in 1 year ago
new bearmach fanclutch in (works good, but does that jetfighter whoosh for a few minutes until the car warms up)
engine valley pan gasket replaced recently
new bearmach fuel pump/sender assembly put in recently
had a brake master cylinder replaced at time of trans swap Jan 2018
uber rare rear tail lamp guards cloned from a real camel set, fitted. Very nice.
essential electrical items work
heat works GUUUD, AC works ok

The bad
the plastic grille piece is cracked in spots, doesn't make noise or affect the operation of car, but I would change it for maybe an earlier style piece off paddocks or something
paint clearcoat has peeled around the door tops, otherwise not 'bad'
minor ding in LH rear quarter panel near tail lamp (see first pic)
could use steering joints done
A frame joint on its way out
leaks in the normal spots, trans, tbox, engine, oils; none of them more than a drip or two a day, no coolant leaks
play in both diffs (noticeable rubber banding, especially with a 5 speed model) - Swapped front axle with ra rebuilt spare unit I had sitting around. Minimal play now
interior in 'eh' shape, both front seats need new seatbase cushions (seat backs are OK)
some spots on headliner (headliner does not sag however...)
steering wheel upper half is wrapped in electrical tape, either keep or replace with same kind or camel style no airbag
no radio. I bought it with an empty slot in the dash, OK if you want to put a camel style plug and switch panel with the volt gauge in
none of the original rubber floormats remain
have been having trouble ever since new trans getting the reverse light switch to activate consistently, needs to be spaced off the case a bit
has a CEL on for the common stepper motor code (I think 44) (motor is a 14CUX with distributor, there are pluses and minuses there)
SRS light on like most other discos
various electrical items inop: rear defrost, rear wiper, rear washer, cruise control.
needs or will need new tires, some old 205/85 pizza cutter XCL's on it now

but wait I have some spares

good shape rear half shafts
good shape rear diff
extra set of headlamps
old spare R380 that came out of it, completely functional but whined in 5th more than usual and 2nd gear syncro was on its way out for sure
will come with a bin of spare fluids, a coolant tank cap spare and a spare fanbelt, and a lug wrench
has a set of hella 1000 floods which PO shittily wired into the car. I made them work for a while, just pulled the shitty wiring at some point.
not that you'd need or want but I also have a rear windshield glass, a spare alpine glass set, and I believe the rear quarter window set

Oh and buyer can have the RN hitch with the DB 2.5 ton jaw fo free

other notes

I bought the car out of Arizona from some sketchy dude, drove it 900 miles home to San Francisco 2 years ago, drove it as is for about a year until the lay shaft in the transfer box backed off its staked nut and dropped the gears into the lower part of the casing (IE why the 'new' tbox and trans, we thought it was the trans that went but it was long in tooth anyway could use a rebuild)
Has served me well the last 25k miles, driven regularly for work, kept clean of stuff and moved around so critters weren't moving in. As is I drive it to work about an hour each way so it sees excellent duty cycle for the motor/drivetrain
Never really offroaded it but for a few dirt roads to and from some events
Starts up just fine, never had issues with overheating or the oil pressure warning lamp coming on
Have always used good larger size oil filters and shell rotella 15w40 conventional on a 5k change interval, no oil consuption that I have ever noticed
Trans still has the LR trans cooler fitted, have ATF in it currently for nicer shifts
t box and diffs have redline 75w90

One of the more honest car disclosures I hope, come buy my car if you wish thanks


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Out in California?

Is it registered to drive back to the east coast?

I have an interest- need to check some things on my end but the detailed disclosure is appreciated!


Hi Jim,

It is registered/plated in CA, just smogged it last month, it has been registered and driven last 2 years to date (will be driving this tomorrow as usual). Now if you wanted to drive it back east all the way I would say maybe/maybe not... new tires a must in that case, steering tie rod ends you would want done also.

sellers note: used R380 casing claimed by a local who needed one to rebuild, no longer included if that matters to anyone.


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Hey there. Still interested but not set on this end yet.

Looking at another in CA as well so we’d like to sort the transport for both trucks most likely.

We thought we’d be more ready by this point (waiting on others) but we are not. If it sells to someone else we will be disappointed but there are others out there. The comprehensive history from your ownership has value to me.

I will certainly keep you posted.


bump back to daily driver duty, still works

oil change
panhard rod bushings had gone and now replaced, no wobble, less rubber banding, tie rods ends ok, boots ripped but still tight.


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I haven’t forgotten about this... still waiting in funding, which is holding up A LOT. of things...

Glad you’re taking good care of her!


No worries Jim and other guys, little by little just trying to maintain a few things and sort the car as I go. Feel free to drop me a line if interested.



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Thank you. I’m not going to cry if someone comes along with cash and gets it.

I generally am a man of my word but I’m at the mercy of outside financial forces here... once the flood gates open I’ll be buying trucks and yours seems ideal.