FS: 2009 Ford E350 4x4 AKA Vankong

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Hey guys, after a painful and hard decision it is time to depart from. Up for sale is a 2009 E350 6.0L 4x4 custom van. It is fully built with all the top of the line specs. 10" UJOR Lift Kit, 38" Toyo MT Tires and a lot lot more then I have room in this thread to write about. The pics posted will show some of the details about the van but for full detailed information please call me at (818) 535-5445 Mike. Thanks
Asking Price $75K I will incuiere seriouse offers IMG_2708.jpgIMG_2710.jpgIMG_2692.jpgIMG_2693.jpgIMG_2695.jpgIMG_2697.jpg



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What an awesome looking beast! Who built it? Does the van come complete with the camping gear shown in the pics?

Thanks and GLWS!!

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I've seen this van evolve in person over time and seen it in action offroad. It is an absolut beast offroad and the workmanship on both the exterior and interior mods are top notch. Mike does amazing work like this for others and this was his personal build. The pics post do NOT do this thing justice. If your in the market go see this rig in person! I'm sure Mike will make sure the new owner is happy and that the van fits them perfectly. Good luck with the sale Mike. Can't wait to see your next build!


Dam it's not good that the beast is for sale and ya can't wait to see what's next. You going to moto kong someone's motorhome?

**** he just redid the whole top end to bullet proof it.