FS: 2009 Ford E350 4x4 AKA Vankong

Wicked van

Hey guys, after a painful and hard decision it is time to depart from. Up for sale is a 2009 E350 6.0L 4x4 custom van. It is fully built with all the top of the line specs. 10" UJOR Lift Kit, 38" Toyo MT Tires and a lot lot more then I have room in this thread to write about. The pics posted will show some of the details about the van but for full detailed information please call me at (818) 535-5445 Mike. Thanks
Asking Price $75K I will incuire seriouse offersIMG_2717.jpgIMG_2718.jpgIMG_2024.jpgIMG_2708.jpgIMG_2712.jpgIMG_2718.jpgIMG_2710.jpgIMG_2708.jpgIMG_2715.jpgIMG_2693.jpg
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I am not a buyer although I have always thought your Van was pimp. You had shots of exterior work but I can't find anything on the interior. I am not a buyer but if you could post a couple pics of the interior for those of us that stalk the van builds that would be nice.

Someone is going to get a nice van.


Agreed on some of the above. Van looks sick. But if I were spending money in this ballpark, I'd expect a ton of pictures of both the exterior and interior. Get a friend with a wide lens to get picture of the inside, since its tight and hard to get pictures. Loads of pictures will help move something like this.

Constructive feedback - please take it that way :)

Really looks like a rad van. I hope you get what you want for it and it sure looks like the buyer will be stoked.


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Not looking to make a problem, but for that kinda cash a half assed f/s post makes me think...
And not so good things.
Since you have Chris' Suspension, Do it nice or do it twice. (Something like that lol)