FS: Aerostich Arborwear M/C Pants. For a small person.

Not sure if they still do it, but Aerostich once bought these pants from Arborwear and modified them for knee-pad inserts, making them into m/c pants. I had two pairs and wore the hell out of them. Got my wife a pair and she rarely used them. Whatevs. They are a great alternative to ATGATT as they a made from heavy canvas and had knee pads.

The actual pads that slip into the knee pockets are MIA, but you could shove anything in there, I suppose. So, no actual knee padding comes with these pants. Sorry.

I am not sure of the size. I think they are mens pants I got in a size I thought would fit the Mrs. I'm guessing 28w x 28l. Look at the photos to see if they might fit you or your SWMBO (or HWMBO, as the case may be).

$25 shipped to CONUS. Happy to ship elsewhere at extra cost.

I have this item up for sale on AdvRider, too. But I don't really like the snarkiness of that site. (It once was a good site, but has gotten out of control in recent years.) So, I will take any reasonable offer for this gear from you all. If nothing materializes in a few days, I'll put it up on eBay.