FS: Decked Drawers 2015+ Chevy Colorado Short Bed (5’) - Alabama


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I am very interested in getting something like this for my 2018 Colorado. Sadly I just got it and used too much of my savings for the down payment. What a great deal!

Those look like they would be great for both overlanding/trips... and for work.

A 4' wide sheet of plywood would sit just fine on top of one of those since it is a flat deck that takes the wheel wells out of the equation.

Decked website link...

Looks like they can handle 2000lbs/more than the truck bed can hold as well.


Still available.

I'm also selling a black ATC topper if you're looking for one. MSPR $1800. For sale for $850.
ZR2 For Sale 012.JPG

I'll combine them both for $1400.


The dealer said he could take the topper back from me on a trade in about 10 days.
I could probably sell for a bit less if someone wanted it instead.
Let’s say a new, lower price of $700.
Any lower, and the trade is a better deal for me.