FS: Inno RT101 pickup truck bed rack mount for Thule- or Yakima-style rails on standard bed (SOLD)


Purchased new by me in January 2012 for my Gen1.5 Tacoma and never used as I soon found the Mountain Top tonneau I'd been looking for. Never installed. $XX via PayPal shipped to CONUS address from 63117. $XX total shipped if you'd like to include the original box, too (otherwise I'll pack more compactly with just the parts and instructions).

This no-drill tower system clamps to the top rail of a standard pickup bed and allows crossbars to be mounted across the open bed. Four towers (good for two of your own Thule (square) or Yakima (round) rails). All original parts and instructions, included. The RT101 model fits most "standard" beds, but not C-channel beds (that style takes the slightly different RT102). These sell for about $110 new, so finding a new home for these at XX price seems pretty reasonable.

These are links to full-size images, so click on one to make it honkin' big.

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