Fuel pump for transfer from storage

Anyone have a pump wired in to pump from their fuel storage to their main tank?

I was planning on just using a siphon to pull fuel from my jerry cans to my tank, but I am thinking about wiring in a pump on a toggle switch.

Insert hoses to tank and jerry, flip a switch.
That's what I had originally planned since that is the way mine is being put together.

I'm just ordering a water pump (I like flowing water) and got to thinking.... :-D
Likely a water pump will fail shortly as the seals, vanes are not fuel rated. and possibly no sealed for use with combustible fluids. You also would need a self priming pump.

Unicat built my camper. The main fuel tank had to be shortened from 228L to 150L due to generator installation. There are two 231L rear auxilary tanks that pump into the "main" tank with switch controlled electric pumps. It is obviously critical to not overfill the main tank to prevent overflow.
Thinking about removing generator and replacing running tank with 450-500L, since I now have 650W solar panels.


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you won't gain much with an electrical pump except a potential point failure. A SuperSiphon in a 1/2" ID hose will drain a 20L in about 2-1/2mins. Faster if there's more vertical height. And you'll know when it is done because you can hear the rattle of the caged marble in the siphon. More correctly, hear the rattle stop when the flow stops.
You can set the can up and go do something else while it flows.



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You could put one of these anywhere. They are available at nearly any parts store.

Mr. Gasket 12S Fuel Pump
For decades I've carried a small electric fuel pump like the one in the link. The one I have right now, I took an old orange extension cord and cut it up. There is about six feet of wire from the pump to a pair of battery clamps, and another four feet to a toggle switch. I also keep about four feet of fuel line on either end of the pump.

These things have come in handy on countless occasions. From getting some fuel to someone who ran out, to replacing a failed fuel pump on the side of the road to get someone going, to starting fires in the rain with wet wood.

But...they are slow. The one I have now takes around 15 minutes to fill a 5 gallon jerry can. That's plenty to keep an engine running, and more than enough to fill up a beer can to get a fire started, and no one who ran out of gas is gonna complain about how long it takes to get a couple gallons to get them going.

But for regular tank to tank transfer duty, I'd want something with a bit more volume.
I have a 12v pump. It is part of my Transfer Flow in-bed storage tank. It works great, about 7 gallons per minute. Seems like it would be overkill for 5 gallon containers, and a hassle to store.

If I were to do it, I would wire up my truck with SB50 quick connectors, and connect the pump via that way.