FWC Fleet for sale (Totally Refurbished)


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This is a completely Refurbished 1989 Four Wheel Camper pop up camper (FWC, ATC, Pheonix, Flip Pac, Four Wheel Drive Camper),

These campers are designed to flex with the vehicles movement, are all aluminum framed not like the wood framed campers that fall to pieces. They are legendary for their strength durability and light weight. This campers dry weight is less than $800 lbs. so you can put it even on a 2 wheel drive Toyota or Nissan mini truck but it will fit on any truck on the road. When the camper isn't popped up the cabover section is only 5 inches thick so it is very aerodynamic. In fact it doesn't effect the gas mileage on my tundra at all and effected my T-100 less than 1 mpg.

There were two different Fleet models made a Fleet and a Fleet II one was the size of an Ranger and one was the size of a Grandby. I'm not sure if this is a Fleet or Fleet II but it is essentially the size of a Grandby, it is the exact same width as a Grandby and just 5 inches shorter than a brand new Grandby. What's unique about these campers is that the floor pack fits inside the wheel wells and through the tailgate opening of the mini trucks. Four Wheel made this to give the guys with mini trucks a full size camper. So this Fleet will literally fit any truck on the market, any truck you own now and any truck you will own in the future unless you buy one of those crew cabs with the 4 foot long grocery getter beds :) AS long as you have a 6 foot or longer bed this camper will work for your vehicle. The only issue is bed depth. On an older toyota pick up it fits perfect, on my T-100 I had to have a 3/4 inch sheet of plywood underneath it to get it above the bed rail and on my 2007 Tundra and on most of the full size trucks like the ford super duty trucks you need to boost the camper 6". In order to do this I built a detachable basement with storage. The basement has 4 useful storage compartments and simply clips onto the camper floor pack. If you have a big truck the basement is yours if you have a little truck I can pop a couple of clips and the fleet will work for your truck. This is not your average '89 Four Wheel Camper Fleet, it has been completely refurbished so here is the list:

1. All new siding and roof professionally installed by the boys at All Terrain Campers. They stripped it down, checked all the welds, repaired a bit at the front right corner and resided and re-roofed the whole camper including the propane door. The backdoor was in great shape so I did not replace it.

2. These old campers came with the scary cable jacks that are not attached so I got rid of those, bought 4 corner jacks and had the mounting brackets professionally mounted to the frame by ATC so now you have 4 corner jacks, you won't see that on most of the older campers. I also had a machine shop make 6 inch jack bracket extenders so you can fit any size truck underneath this camper.

3. The Fleets originally mounted by bolting through the floor of the camper directly to the floor of the truck bed. I had FWC install their modern eye bolt and turn buckle mounting system that you would get on a brand new FWC.

4. The older campers were wired with a single wire system with one inline fuse. If the wire got compromised or the fuse blew the whole camper was dead. I rewired the entire camper to a fuse box in the main cabinet. All the wiring is color coded: blue for the water pump, red for the furnace, black for the inside lights, yellow for the outside lights. Each one has their own fuse and there is still room in the fuse box to expand if you want to put in an inverter or a stereo.

6. Original Two burner stove and furnace work great. I had the furnace cleaned and serviced by ATC when I first bought the camper.

7. Installed a brand new water pump, faucet and switches for the water pump and outside lights.

8. Installed a new front and rear lift panel for the roof system.

9. Installed new fill caps, tubes, drains and petcocks for the water system.

10. Installed new drain for the ice box. The ice box works great and can't fail unlike a fridge.

11. Re-foamed and re-upholstered all cushions.

12. Installed a queen sized memory foam mattress with new upholstery that is removable for cleaning.

13. Cleaned, repaired and 303'd all vinyl. The vinyl is original, I haven't yet replaced it because it still works great and keeps the water out so I haven't had a reason to replace it.

14. I had a modern valve put in the propane tank and had it certified so you can get it filled anywhere.

Everything works, most everything is new and it will fit on any truck out there. I will try to post some other pictures later.

Asking $5,500 OBO if you are interested e-mail or call 916-three 17-3 zero 50

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