FWC Swift Shell - Tacoma Access Cab 6ft Bed Photos

Here are a few pics of my 2017 Four Wheel Campers Swift on my 2012 Tacoma Access Cab.
-----------------**** I posted interior photos in the thread below *****--------------
The rig has performed flawlessly over the past 6 months, and has taken me to Jackson Hole for the Eclipse, Bend Oregon, Mt. Rainier, and the San Juan Islands.

The Swift interior is much larger than I expected with plenty of room for two.
I keep the Swift shell permanently on my bed, which has been a great choice. It's my daily driver.

Thanks to Chris/Josh at Rocky Mountain FWC and Matt at Off Grid Engineering for the dual battery/suspension upgrades.

I'll post more pics of my interior build out this weekend.


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Thats great!!! I love how compact it is and that you get to keep the tailgate on as a little porch. Enjoy.
Did you do any mods to the interior?
I'll post interior pics on this thread this weekend.
I have a front dinette set-up, with 4ft long countertops over drawers on both passenger and driver's sides (mid and rear).
I added a small sink (rear passenger side), and porta potty (rear driver's side)...
Swift Shell Interior Photos

Attached are interior pics.

I wanted a front dinette layout in the Swift, and it works well. The plywood counter sits on a sliding Garelick boat seat slide, which allows access to the seating area.

The key to the project was bolting two 21"wide file cabinets 28" from the front wall. They are rock solid, and allowed me to easily add counters and doors for a clean look.

The toughest find was a sink drain reducer I found at a boat shop in Seattle. I use boat bilge tubing for the grey water into a jug...for now.

Another huge change was painting the interior white. After about 25 nights in the camper, it has held up well. Makes the interior much bigger/brighter.

The portapotty fits perfectly in the rear driver's side notch. Another tremendous upgrade!

The last photo is the Off Grid Engineering dual battery system. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it. Zero battery space wasted in the camper (allows me to have a toilet), and I don't have to think about running lights/fans/charging electronics.


Very cool lay out, I like how clean and simple it is. You are right the Swift is just the right size for two. I am wondering if you have planes for heat? Keep up the good work.