G-wagen at the Auto Show in Tokyo 2010


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I just received a few images of a very nice utilitarian Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen exhibited at the Import Car Show in Tokyo, Japan.

This perfect PUR G-wagen truck was outfitted with the Rockmeister™ Aluminum Side Steps provided by G-wagenaccessories.com to shine at that car show.

The necessary mounting provisions on this W461 to install the Aluminum Side Steps or the Rockmeister™ Rockslider were installed by our Japanese customer's modification shop using the W460/461 Rocker Panel Upgrade kits.





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Thanks Karl.

Stephanie really liked that color
You know, I like all colors......as long as they are gray!

When I found this G-wagen it was just perfect for me, the light gray interior some stone pitted paint finish and the -then- low mileage.
In the 2-1/2 years I have owned this truck, I added almost 60K mile to it.
And every time I climb into it - it's another adventures.