G Wagens Do the Lost Coast to Usal 4.4.10

Mike Serpe

vehicles with issues

Yes actually mine did....

I had a bunch of diff locker issues...the front would not go on, no big deal, and then the back would not go off. At first I could unhook the vacuum system that signals the master cyls and drive in a circle and it would pop out, but then that would no longer work....I ended up trying to complete the rest of the run without lockers....well near the end I got pretty stuck. So I put the center and rear locker on one last time, and got a hook from Christian S's 300GDT to get out.

After that, I could not get the rear diff lock to disengage.....First I tried to just remove the bleed screw from the slave cylinder that is mounted on the axle to the left of the diff. I figured, ok if there is no more pressure, the spring should allow it to slide back out of the diff.....no luck.

So I drove with the rear locked another 4 miles to Usal Beach where it was warmer and lighter and some semi-dry ground. Here I removed the slave cyl from the axle and then manually drove the diff lock slider out of the diff back into the disengage position in the left axle tube. It was kind of a pain without it being on a lift.....but after 90 minutes of pinched fingers, I got it back together and we headed home.

So I will replace the diff slave (on a lift!) and go thru the whole system next week when I get a couple of free hours to see what I can figure out. This has never happened on any of the Gwagens I've had (13 of them)...or to anyone else I know.....so its a new one for me!

anyways, it was an epic rallye of 465 logged miles in 12 straight hours.
Lots of rigging and filling in mud holes with logs, etc etc....some very good recovery action indeed.

smiles all around once we got to that beach....and once I got off it unlocked!

We left at 6am and got home at 1am the next morning...!



Expedition Leader
I have to make it out to there again. I did backpack the Lost Coast once though a couple of years back.