G wagon Rear side window antennas? Radio, GPS, other?

Hey guys,
I’m getting ready to install the Front runner outfitters gulwing doors (aluminum ones) on my 2013 G550. There is an antenna in each window that will need to relocated. Does anyone know what this antenna is for? Radio, GPS, some other transmitter / receiver? There is another antenna mounted on the roof at the front as well.


The antenna in the rear window is for the radio. There should be a small amplifier for the antenna signal mounted just below it.
I actually haven’t come up with a plan yet for relocating the antenna. I’m not keen on drilling a hole for a new one through the root
I had the gulwing doors sprayed the same body color. That’s as far as I got. A8B54713-173A-4444-9C2C-8EB8BF39FB19.jpeg
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