G Wagon Rear Window Vents

I have the front vents from fourbyfour, and am waiting for the rears to arrive from them as well. I would recommend them, based on my experience with the front vents. I sleep in my car and they come in handy when it's raining and where there are a ton of bugs.
The fourbyfour site mentions these vents are only compatible up till the 2011 model year. The other site doesn't list compatibility restrictions. Are there changes to the windows on newer G's that would prevent these from fitting properly?


If you compare the two sites carefully, the 4x4 ORC units have curved tops. The ones from the Defender site do not; and my 2000 G500 definitely has the curves at the top of the window frame.

Also, I would trust ORC to get it right over the Defender website.
Has anyone found a set locally or made there own for any other vehicles? Ive tried searching but there doesn't seem to be much out there. Maybe they are going by another name?