G550 4x4^2 arrived at the dealer recently

It will list the axle upgrades in the special notes. The vehicles are finished afterward.

The notes look like this:

* 2 * - Spoiler new part (provided by Mr. Ogris)
* 2 * - Tirefitbox + tirefit (provided by Mr. Ogris)
* 2 * - Carpet trunk.
*-Office of the underfloor conservation.
*The interior furnishing details are provided by MSF by Mr.
***Ogris Hanspeter GEK
*Controlled and made available to production.
*Project support on the part of MBG by Mr.
**Kaeferbaeck Peter
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No, because I said they will look "like" this. That's a data card for a G500 squared I have on my mobile so I'm using it as an example. I'd have to remote home to pull the notes for the vin in the OP.
They're not listed in the Daimler online EPC that I use. Perhaps you have a better one.
They're not listed in the Daimler online EPC that I use. Perhaps you have a better one.
Maybe the North American VIN's don't list the Maj. Assy axles, the German G500 4x4² certainly do. All the service info is in there as well. The G650 LANDAULET is also listed in the system.

It automatically flips you to the notes when you select the major assembly (front or rear axle, for example), and pops up the footnotes:


You can also reverse search via the SA code or component, and find the info that way if you don't have the full vin but have the baumuster.

I know the NA and Euro systems can be different, I have the EURO version. squared.jpg
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I find it interesting that Mercedes is refusing to bring over the Sprinter 4x4 cab chassis but can justify the importation of this G wagon. I have no doupt that Mercedes could sell a crap load of 4x4 Sprinter cab/chassis in North America.
Well you had me curious, so I had to remote home, put that VIN in (ever try to read a VIN from a picture on a window sticker online, remember the digits, then launch the EPC from a VPN on mobile? it's not fun!)

The major assy's are not listed in the same way the EURO one's are, but if you dig into the notes you can find reference to them having ZQ0 option order code. From there you can pop up the service info and it definitely lists the axles as having ZQ0 and the service info for them (but it doesn't list the axle number specifically, which is weird), pretty cool info actually It directs you to the 463.234 sheets even though the VIN is 463.255. It does the same for the EURO VIN's I have (which are 463.234, 463.272, etc):

portals1.jpg portals2.jpg portals3.jpg

They must use earlier pictures for the repair data (why take new pictures when it's kinda sorta the same, EPC is the same way with diagrams) as you can see, the bracing structure on the front axles is changed a bit from the pictures I see. Or it's just the angle, not sure.

Maybe since they are new the full axle info will populate in the EPC in the future?

You know, just in case anyone here buys a G500 (G550?) squared and decides they want to service the portals on the driveway? (yeah right ;) )
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Using the same VIN (WDC4632551X270613) brings up the sheets for 463.234 in regards to the shock absorbers and springs as well (took a screencap of the whole system so you know I'm not full of $hit :) ) So the info for the 463.234 must be used in regards to service for the ZQ0 and related items, at least in this instance. (disclaimer, I just do this for fun, I mostly use the EPC to get Unimog parts, so always check with your local dealer :p)


You can see they say "shown on model 463.234" since likely it's the same info for the 463.255. You put in the USA Vin and it directs you here:
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Wow, you guys are awesome. I need to stop beating around the bush and find a reasonably priced 2008 with the 113 engine. The guys in the local Jeep club will be so confused.