Gaia web not displaying maps


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Just started seeing this message when trying to view the map on Gaia (web):
Sorry! Your computer cannot display this map.
Please try downloading the Gaia GPS mobile app.
Apparently it's been happening for 5 months:

They seem be be trying to blame older hardware or outdated browsers, but most (if not all) people having the problem have everything up to date. Seems like a pretty lame excuse - they clearly detected something that caused them to put up that error message!

Seems to still work for some people and to be intermittent for others.

Any ideas? Without the web site working to create routes and such, the Gaia Apps are pretty much useless!


Hello Wendell:

I have no problem using the website to view maps, my synchronized tracks, routes, and waypoints. I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell laptop that is at least 5 years old and I use an updated version of Chrome as my browser. I have a Premium subscription to Gaia. My mobile devices are an Samsung Galaxy 5 with a 256 gb micro SD card and a cellular Ipad Pro with a terabyte of resident storage. The Samsung records bike rides and hikes daily while the Ipad supports long overland trips, route development and data curation. My only frustration is with the Samsung's SD card memory.

Sorry you're having trouble.



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It's working for me now - same browser, same computer - I think that they probably had some problems on their back-end that the in-browser rendering was treating as a generic browser error.


I had that same problem a few months ago and never really figured out what was wrong. At the same time I had a multiple account issue (my fault), which Gaia fixed promptly when I notified them.