1992 FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser aka: "ADV80" - Purchased July 18, 2008

Hello fellow 80-Series owners! I purchsed my first ever 4WD and first ever Toyota Land Cruiser on July 18, 2008. I've been an FJ fan from long ago and just never thought that I personally would have the opportunity to own an 80-Series. Thought I would have wound up with a 60 or 70 Series. Love those 50/55's TOO!

But before this FJ80 came a few off-road adventures with a '85 Toyota built full desert pre-runner style with widened A-arms, dual shocks, fiberglass, caged, 4:88 gearing, LockRight locker and DAILY DRIVEN.

Then came the 2WFD rally car with welded/locked front end that was pure AWESOME! I did that for a few years and got my 1st Place in the Wester States Rally Championships in 2003 and going national was not in the cards. While doing the awesome rally stages is when I realized that I did not always needed to go fast, and hoped to some day come back and be more of the overland tourist. Also due to the time and expense I made my way back to roots on two wheels. I sold the rally car operation and purchased a 1997 Honda XR400 and soon after a 22005 KTM 950ADV . It's actually through the ADVrider forum how I found this forum once I started making my way into the 80-Series purchase I asked the ADVrider community a site that was like it for the four wheel types.

During that rally to two-wheel transition time I also built up from salvage a 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon that didn't even make it to license plate status before it got crunched. Per my rally days, I had the right Subaru folks in place to help and got built back to factory specifications and the little fast wagon became the family outing car that we took to the mountains quite a bit! But the family was growing and the inclusion of a dog ment the little Scooby was just getting too small. The wifes vehicle switched from the Subaru WRX wagon to a nice Jeep 2WD Commander and I learned long ago to not mess with the wifes car so no messing with this new Commander!

Before long, it was time to get tires for the wifes rig and while at the Allen Tires in Costa Mesa where I have done all tire work since the rally days, I noticed this FJ80 sitting behind the shop and a FOR SALE sign in the window so I inquired about it. The price - RIDICULIOUS!!! Something must be wrong with it! Well, yea, it has minor issues like front axle leak + no lockers. But, I will get over that as according to the bank, I have plenty of additional spending room before I go over the bank value!!! SWEET! This is going to be a worthwhile ADVENTURE!!! And an adventure it will be as we love to get out and the wife, two kids and dog all do not fit on the KTM 950ADV.

So, I get the RIG and first things - get to get it off the tarmac!

Living in Southern California's OC is a bit dirt deprived but we do have this little spot: Trabuco Creek Rd is the quick escape road that goes up to the Holly Jim Hiking Trail. Nothing major at all, but when you got to touch dirt, you have to touch dirt! The next bit of dirt road is the Santa Ana mountains that includes Saddleback with some nice crusing dirt roads right here in Orange County.

On the first to repair list, this is a big-ticket item to tackle:

With the awesome help of the IH8MUD community, details like this are great to know:

On the Vin# tag, look at the row of text/numbers just below the bar code in the middle and see the K292.



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Will be following closely, im in a similar position will be starting a proper build soon. Those are some good looking rally builds any more info on those?


Heading out of town and ADV80 pee's all over the place!

UPDATE: Water Leak

My ADV80 getting it's first service and coming at a time when time is not possible - the day we are leaving on the FAMILY TRIP!

The adventure-machine decided to pee on the ground just as we where about to leave the ADV80 behind and as we where about to leave out of town on our family get-a-way. Talk about jelious machines! Yes, the day of departure, I discovered water on the ground! Guess the ADV80 was feeling left out, but it has not been gone through yet and did not trust making a big trip with it and luckiley as this does not look good!

Worst of all, this is just rusty looking water, not coolant! So it looks like we will be tackling coolant issues before oil leak issues and front axle wiper issues.

This view is shot from the ground looking up at the motor. Water seems to be coming from the water pump just above the crank.

So it's time to get on the horn and start calling and did not want to go to the local Toyota Dealer. So I narrow the list down to Laguna Viejo Auto Serivce as these guys are sorta' close to my work and they are willing to take the ADV80 in and should be able to button it up while we are gone on the trip!

The wife following behind in the Commander - it's loaded and ready to go, but a quick side trip to drop off the ADV80. The Commander is 2WD and better gas milage and A/C is working and you know how important that is for the wife and kids! Yea yea yea, more task items to add to the ADV80 TO-DO list!

Called Harry to make sure I could drop it off and made way down to their location.
Harry - Head dude with all the 80-Series Friends
Mark - head FJ80 mechanic
Laguna Viejo Auto Service
27140 Cabot Road, Suite A
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
949.582.7262 - tell'em Rodney sent ya!!!

Milage as of Aug 14th [Thursday] as dropped off with Harry & Mark at Laguna Viejo Auto Service. I've only managed to put about a thousand miles on it since purchased July 18th.

OK, I'm back on Monday and itching to see how bad this is going to be.

Mark getting into the nitty-gritty of what should be a simple issue but looking to be a can of worms right out the gate!

1] There is a rigged device in place of the bracket for the alternator to stay in place with tension on the belt. new bracket needs to be purchased and replace rigged-device.
2] chiseled bolt on the adjustment pulley from what seems due to either not having metric socket/wrench and or not enough leverage to break the bolt loose previously. That issue needs to be sorted as well as pulley bearing replaced!
3] idler pulley bearing is shot and needs replacing.
4] Then we can start talking water cooling issues and will learn more on that soon!

SO - the list of TLC-DO's is now starting to come to life!
Cooling issues to be sorted and some 14+hoses need replacing.
A/C not cooling
front main seal leaking oil.
Front Axle wipers leaking.

I know I should be tackling these issues myself... BUT, I have a two-car garage in a town-home!!! Wife's car goes in the garage and all my toys are on the other side making it currently IMPOSSIBLE for any work in the garage and the TH-association will not allow me to be working on the car outside the garage. Time to start sorting the toy collection:


Stopped by Laguna Viejo Auto Service after work to look into what is really going on as Mark had dug further into the cooling issues.

Where is all starts - the radiator and the old saying "what goes it, comes out" or "bad stuff in, bad stuff out" comes to mind...

It's RUSTY looking down in there! Basically the radiator is CLOGGED! So the radiator will be replaced and system will get flushed, flushed and more flushing!

You can see rust everywhere. Basically, when I purchased the truck, it only had water in the system - no coolant! Not even Distilled Water, just plain ol'tap water.

This is the area where the water pump is attached. You can see the rust in the block and you can just imagine it's throughout the block. Cast Iron block and water is not the best of friends. So we will do several flushes over the next few months and include agents to help remove rust from the block.

The tensioner will be replaced as it's spun a few laps too many!

This pulley, the previous owner must own a chisel and hammer instead of vice-grips.

Backside of the water pump. The water was escaping from the backside as the gasket gave way and begain the dribble session. Will be replacing this whole unit and will see if this unit is reservicable.

This pulley did not have the seating cover so the washer was off-center and wiping the bearing and not centered. So a new bearing cover will get installed.

Engine bay needs some house cleaning! Lots of PM's to be done here!!!

So, hopefully the next images will be good news and wheelin again stuff!!! I hope to have the ADV80 back in the dirt by the weekend!!!


So it's been a week...

So it's been a week and itching to get the ADV80 back so the kids and I can go wheelin on Saturday - YEA, A WEEKEND OFF!!!

Laguna Viejo Auto Service gave the call on Friday and said come get it!!! $2,550+ dollars for a bunch of hoses, water pump, pulleys, brackets and a new radiator and I am ready and out the door!!! The decision was made to just change, I think 8-9 of the 14-total coolant system hoses that will need be changed. I went in thinking is was going to be like $600.00 so the budget got ambushed!

Pop in the rig and drove home - nineteen miles one way from the shop to my house.

Popped open the hood to show the wife the spiffy new radiator and hoses and such.

new water pump and belts.

New hoses.

Got some new pulleys, some new belts.

Telling the wife we have some more hoses to change and that the shop showed me why the A/C might not be cooling.

Tell tell sign of why the A/C is not working - See how the dirt is caking up on the condenser... All that is going to be another very expensive expense...

As we are talking, we here a HHHHHIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS...

and a drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip...

and some steam..

The next culprits to ooze the anti-freeze and make that funky smell that is no good to smell...
burning radiator fluid dripping onto the header tubes below.

Seems the little rubber tube that goes into the firewall just decided it was jealous of all the new hoses moving in and he wants to move out. Best way I know to get kicked off the team!

These old dawgs are "FIRED!!!" said in my best Donald Trump impression. Now if I could just impersonate his Black AMEX!!!

YEA, I'm WAY UPSET!!! Just trying to maintain "cool" hahahha as I knew I would be getting into some cooling mess!


OK, had Laguna Viejo Auto Service save all the little plastic bags and boxes with all the parts numbers so I can track which hoses where installed so I can sort the remainder of the 14-total hoses that should be replaced. Here is what was installed.

16400-61240 - Radiator
16577-61150 - Pipe, Radiator
16261-61020 - Hose, Water By-
16341-6030 - Gasket, Water O
16401-54750 - Cap Sub-Assy, R
16264-61010 - Hose, Water By-
16573-61060 - Hose, Radiator
17317-61020 - Bar, Air Pump A
87209-60160 - Hose Sub-Assy
87245-60100 - Hose, Water
88440-36100 - Pullly Assy, ID
88440-12160-83 - Pulley Assy, ID
90109-08295 - Bolt
90201-08135 - Washer, Plate
90430-43002 - Gasket
90119-08888 - Bolt, W/Washer
90916-03052 - Thermostat
[3] 99556-30100 - Hose



Friday night I could not sleep just thinking about the fact that I would not be wheelin' with the kids on SATURDAY and the FACT that I just spent a BUNCH OF MONEY and it's still not FIXED!!! And it's a weekend I am NOT WORKING so I was looking very forward to wheelin'...

So, I get up way too early, made some coffee, threw the bicycle in ADV80 and made the 19-mile trip down to the shop and dropped it off. Laguna Viejo Auto Service will not be able to touch it until next week, but at least I do not have to look at it all weekend and have it pee'ing anti-freeze all over my town-home associations driveway...

I wanted to get some peddling in anyhow so I thought I would just drop the truck off and peddle back as the shop is located just off Crown valley Parkway and the 5FWY. I would peddle down Crown Valley to PCH and back up to my house in Costa Mesa. The ride was well worth it - RELAXING and got my mind off it for a bit. Called the wife early and asked if she and the kids wanted to meet for breakfast before she had to go to work. Food is always good to take the mind off things!

We will see what the next couple of days brings...


Hey Smokey, What would you like to know? My crew built them back in the day.

We are not doing the rally stuff any more, but my Scooby mechanic is WRC Certified and runs a Subaru repair service shop in the Temecula area.
26793 Madison Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562 (951) 691-5679 Chris Tusow is his name. If you visit him, check out his insane Subaru Forester set up for Overland trips as well!

The cage work was built by my buddy ScottG and he is not in the fab game any more, but we may be sucking him back in with the Overland builds, check him out as he is building his Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland style too! http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/77201-98-Jeep-ZJ-quot-SHTFV-quot?highlight=


You got hosed on the prices... I had my engine pulled and every gasket, hose and belt replaced and "most" of the stupid VSV, diapham "exhaust/re-circulating stuff" replaced and I think it was only $2600. Granted, no radiator, but dang... I pulled the ENTIRE engine and had most if it dismantled. Seems like there price was really steep.


Well, at the least, I got new hoses with my hosing! I guess I could drive the 3,000 miles out to visit your shop to save some money, but at 14MPG I don't think that would come out any less. Although the trip would be AWESOME!!! Things, like everything is just more expensive here in California! I have been on the hunt for another shop and think I have found where all my service will be going in the future.

You got hosed on the prices... I had my engine pulled and every gasket, hose and belt replaced and "most" of the stupid VSV, diapham "exhaust/re-circulating stuff" replaced and I think it was only $2600. Granted, no radiator, but dang... I pulled the ENTIRE engine and had most if it dismantled. Seems like there price was really steep.
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Test Drive

The weekend report:

the rig is up and running! So it took it to the local area just in case it decides to try some new leak..

South Main Divide Road, Elsinore Mountains

Dog is loaded and ready to roll and my buddy and I are going to explore [at night] and see how far we can go down the South Main Divide Road that connects at the [74] Ortega Highway and goes down into Wildomar area. Toward Temecula for those not familiar with Wildomar.

On the Ortega HWY just across from the Ranger Station [the one at the hot springs] is this little dirt road that just drops into the canyon and wanted to see where it went and found that a couple of houses are down there.

Picture moment for the ADV80.

We decided to go south on Main Divide Road as we have done so much of the North side and it is closed half-way up.

We are siting here on South Main Divide Road just up from the 74-Ortega HWY looking up the ridge towards LA.

Easy landmark to keep track of...

It's fun to get out and see where things go - nowhere, just another excuse to throw some scratches on the paint.

ADV80 poking it's nose in...

Tenaja Falls

Anybody know this gate?

And further down the road:

We actually stopped by here on the way down to have dinner.
This is the furthest point south for the Tenaja hiking trail. Something I will have to do this next winter!

Somewhere after the South Main Divide Road and on the Tenaja Rd. we find this little side road [to the left] that goes up the side of the mountain.

So we found this little rocky rocky rocky road and decided we should try to go up it! To our amazement, the ADV80 went right up it! We said we need to go back and with video camera! While I know this is no major rock-climbing skills section, its was our first and no assistance, no support, no one around for miles, and middle of the night so being careful was of utmost attention. But also having overnight supplies helps as well.

As we where climbing up, we thought we would see the towers we where seeing the red blinking lights. We summited all but this little section and just knew we had gotten away with a lot so far and no need to push another ounce forward - it was the top! We will get through it next time.

Once we got to looking around - YOU COULD SEE FAR IN EVERY DIRECTION! The red lights we saw where now down below us and we could actually see that there where more red lights that seemed scattered across the ridge below.

While at the summit, the ADV80 made a nice light source for this shot.

Time to head out as we have yet another road to explore!

We will be back in the day-time when you can see more and show more in the photographs.

We need to get a map that shows us where we are...
and GPS point to be gotten next time too!


I've Got Mail

A packaged showed up!

Sliced it open...

Hi-tech stuffing...


And the BIBLE!!!

In my rally car days, we use to have the Factory Service Manual in a Pelican Case and securely stored on-board at all times. I think I might do the same here with the ADV80.



Nice write Up

It looks like the sticker shock of repairs by others is starting to set in. I agree with you on the SOCAL prices, everthing is twice as much as some other areas. It seems like you may have the background, so time to start wrenching on it yourself. If not wrenching yourself some would suggest Yotamasters or Trux in San diego with experinced 80 mechanics that know their stuff.

Couple of notes.

The AC systems will be expensive to fix; compressor, condensors, expansion valve and AC dryer are going to cost about $700 in parts minimum (not oem which could be double). Hopefully only a o ring and recharge. Good write up on IH8MUD on this

The birf rebuild will cost $300-400 in parts for seals, bearings and wipers depending on how much you want to replace. Since you need to tear down the whole thing to replace the inner axle seal anyway to stop the slop you might as well replace all the bearings while your at it with that milage and be done with it for many more years. I am a nuts and bolts type ability mechanic and it took me 13 hours straight to finish the axel seals, brakes, rotors and bearings. A good shop will probably take 6-8 hours so it could be very expensive to have them do it.

I also noticed the belts are ribbed belts, the factory belts are not ribbed so you may develope a turbo type whine/noise from them.

Most of the 80's guys in the IH8MUD forum are OCD with maintenece and OE parts, some for good reasons and some not so much. But you can't beat it for details and endless information on service and repairs. It has saved me thousands of dollars. use it wisely.


Thanks carlpb for the notes and good eye - good call on the ribbed belts vs. factory smooth belts as it does seem loud and I will have to change those out and see if that makes it quieter.



Another package was at the house after work today!

They actually took my order on Friday, after already turning their computers off. He took the call, it was just after 5:00 and he took my order!!! STOKED!

Ordered this DVD from SLEE OFF ROAD: www.sleeoffroad.com/products/dvd_books.htm

60-minutes, but could have been 60-hours!!! I wanted MORE!
Well produced. Overall good DVD for the Land Cruiser Enthusiast.
Learned some TLC history! Toyota needs to play this stuff up in the media every so often!!! But hey, they are now #1.... and I guess from the TLC-enthusiast standpoint, it's not even a shock!