Gen 2 SWB Pajero VS LWB Montero Shocks


Pictured above is my 1992 Pajero (2.5TD). While putting LWB springs on the rear for some lift, I noticed the rear electronically adjustable shocks are leaking. So it's time to get new shocks, and they won't be electronically adjustable.

I'm familiar with some of the shocks out there for Montero: Bilstein 4600/5100, OME, Rancho RS9000XL, KYB MonoMax, and so on. However, these are all for the Montero, which will be LWB vehicles. Is that an issue? Will this thing ride like a stagecoach with these shocks?

Got a Gen 2 Pajero SWB? What are you running?
I have had the 9000’s and the KYB’s and wouldn’t recommend either. OME aren’t bad but I am leaning towards 5100 for both my 98 and 92 SWB import. I ran Tokico blues (came with the John Baker Baja suspension kit back in the day) on the 2 door Montero and Raider and really liked them but no application now. My electronically adjustable shocks seem to be working fine on the 92, but I have really liked the Bilsteins on other vehicles. The 5100’s from the folks in AZ aren’t specifically valved for the Montero/Pajero from what I understand and are a bit softer than the 4600 which are spec’d for the LWB Montero. That may be the best option without shipping something in from down under.

I will be interested to see what others are running as well.
It gets a bit bumper with the LWB springs, but nothing too bad.

I had the iron-man shocks in my swb, and they were far too under damped, I didn't like the feel of them at all, so I put in some Monroe cheap ones for a while to keep me going for the time being. Thinking I'll go KYB next. I fancied the ADD shock kit but getting it over here makes it a bit out of my budget

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