Gen 3 XLS in Northern NM


My family and I are in the process of assembling a fleet of G3's for a Moab based shuttle business. We have been actively looking at regionally listed vehicles.

An Angel Fire, NM local has a Gen 3 XLS (3.8/5spd)for sale with 203k(Pearl/Sahara Beige/Beige Int.) He has it listed at $3300, but stated openly that he would take $2500.
It is far from a puff, but we drove the vehicle and it ran/drove VERY well and has fully operable AWD/4wd and no clicking from CV's even in 4LLC.

The interior is filthy, and the suede is pilled up,but I suspect a legit upholstery cleaning would remedy most of the cosmetics and a sweater trimmer does wonders on microfiber
Headlights will need polished.
Missing the OEM Middle Skid(No leaking at front position sensor)
Needs a windshield
No stored OBD codes and the fuel trims were reasonable given that it was running at 8,300 ft and the owner has been disconnecting the battery due to the alarm going off(see Tailgate below)
Tailgate needs the striker plate adjusted as the open indicator light was flirting On/Off. No signs of a rear end collision that I could see.
Moonroof is INOP and sealed with Silicone, but no apparent signs of a leak.
AC indicator light INOP, but Front/Rear AC blew COLD on a 92F day.
Timing Belt/Water Pump service performed by a local mechanic 40k ago, though the owner said dealing with him was a "production", and I would verify the correct OEM tensioner before trusting the work.

Needs a top end refresh, as it has Beck Arnley ignition wires, and slight oil leaks from the rear of the VCG's and what looks like PS cam cap, but not much oil down the block.

They replaced the fuel pump 40k ago

Has newer Falken Wildpeak A/T w's in 265/75r16 in excellent shape.

We would have purchased it, but decided we really need to stick with 05/06 for business insurance reasons. As stated, it drove VERY well with good power, even at altitude.

I think it would make a great starting point for a build, provided all of the service is brought to baseline. No pics, as I passed on the purchase, but the owner was a straight shooter and has a good reputation within the Moreno Valley's very small community. Told him I would put it out there, and so I have.

Feel free to PM me or contact the Seller: Dennis 505-603-8837


pretty cool biz you're starting up! Share more with us as you progress? You guys have social media or a website?

Side note; there is no factory differential skid plate on the Gen 3. From the factory there's a plastic splash guard and it does little to nothing in terms of protection aside from the elements. There is a company out there that makes the diff skid and a trans skid though.


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About 4 hours north of you and I purchased a 2002 Limited that was listed at $3,300 for $2,500 and had 135k miles.... Just a comparison to what you're getting. TB and WP were also supposedly done 40k ago.

Love the idea of getting a group of these to use as a tour service! I actually brought that idea up to my wife about 2 weeks after buying mine with the thought of giving photo tours up on some of the trails here in Colorado. Looking for drivers yet?