GEN1 A/T Temp light on


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I drove about an hour at highhway speeds (~65mph) through some light hills and ambient temps of 85F.

Upon exiting the highway the A/T Temp light came on and I pulled over to let it cool. I took a temp with my IR gun of the transmission pan and it measured 190F which I wouldn’t think to be a problem. I let idle for about 20min and light didn’t come off. I couldn’t find a spot on any of the lines for the AT cooler over 190F.

I think the set point on the light is 260F from manual, so I’m not sure what would be triggering it. Fresh OEM fluid & filter about 5k mi ago, level was ok.

Anyone have any thoughts? I had to shut it off with light on as I was at the racetrack.

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I'm guessing that the FSM has specs to test the sensor - I don't think 190F is high enough to turn the light on so the sensor is most likely your issue.


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Is that the original sensor? Did the light stay off after a restart?
Hey Mark,
The light stayed on after an immediate restart, but did not return after the trans had cooled.
I ordered a replacement sensor through Mitsubishi dealer.

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Likely ur pRobles is solved with the new part.
I believe u bought the last one in existence in North america.
at about 80 dollars? I don't recall exactly. but the dealer told me such was the case, and I declined his offer.
my light burns brightly yet on the dash.

now comes the fun part R&R.
getting to the wee bas***d, and removing it is a lot less fun than a lobotomy.