Gettin' going

Sorry for the lack of pictures.

This weekend took a riding class at Team Arizona to:

A. Get me past MVD; and
B. Give me a refresher on street bikes after, uh, 10, 20, ok 34 years of dirt biking!

So, after many corrections of my MX habits (2 fingers on levers...) I got past the course and will have my license by just giving the MVD my card! Thanks to the great state of Arizona recognizing a course like this! Now I can go and get my bike (KLR650) from The SF Bay Area and ride home legally!in 3 weeks. Yippee!

Best of all- discount on bike insurance! In my mind a two-fer! I would recommend such a class for all. Especially since I see too many, uh, stupid riders cutting through traffic... You know the type!

More to come! Route planning under-weigh.