- Ultimate Expedition Build - 2003 Mitsubishi Montero Limited


Adventure Time!

This build will be different that most you've seen. My first priority is adventures. My goal is to limit the Montero down time and keep it on the trail. I sold my 2013 Tacoma and was in search for a replacement vehicle. Price wasn't really an issue; although ideally I wanted to keep under $20k for the initial purchase cost.

Here's my base criteria:
Comfortable for long drives (quiet), decent mpg, availability of long range or aux fuel tank, fit 33" spare tire (under the truck or door - no bumper swing outs), reliable / low maintenance, newer (1996 or newer), not wider than 75-76", wheelbase taco length or less (127" max), good turning radius (40ft so ideal), payload 1,200 or more, room to sleep inside or truck bed/canopy.

Any vehicle will get ARB lockers, gears, lift, armor so factory lockers doesn't matter.

Vehicles of consideration:
2003+ Mitsubishi Montero
Tacoma Access Cab Long Bed
FJ Cruiser (small interior + need for roof tent = less likely)
2004+ 100 Series Land Cruiser
1996 Mitsubishi Montero Diesel

Yes, the Montero won! I love the seating position, comfort, design and capability. My search was expanded to include the entire US as low mileage, clean Monteros are difficult to find. I ended up purchasing this (rare) 2003 Montero Limited 20th Anniversary Edition with 90k miles.

General plan for it:
Keep it as light as possible while being loaded with all luxury expedition equipment.

What is getting installed:
Toyo MT 255/85r16, 4.90 gears (already purchased), ARB Lockers Front/Rear + Air Compressor (being shipped), Lovelle HD Springs (just arrived), OME Nitro Sport Shocks (just arrived), ARB Bumper (just arrived), Xeon 10s winch, custom roof rack for awnings, rock sliders and rear bumper, arb fridge (saved from the Tacoma), 30 gallon aux fuel tank, light weight skids. The rear will be built into an interior camper.

I have some extended trips coming up this summer so pushing to get it done in the next 1.5 month.

Where to buy parts??

Lovells Springs - Andy Kollar :
CFR-90HD - Front Coil Springs Heavy Duty
CRR-91HD - Rear Coil Heavy Duty

OME Nitro Sport Shocks - Wil : : : (480) 968-9689
OME Nitrocharger Sport Struts (90007)
OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks (60033)

ARB Bumper - Wil : : : (480) 968-9689
ARB Deluxe Bar Mitsubishi Montero NP 03-06 (3434060)

Axle / Carrier:
ARB Lockers - Wil : : : (480) 968-9689
Front ARB Locker RD110
Rear ARB Locker RD155
Air Compressor CKMA12 w/ Pump Up Kit

Gears - Wrecking Yard
4.90 Complete Front/Rear Carrier assemblies. Can be found from XLS model Montero year 2001-2002.

Toyo MT 255/85r16 - America's Tire (also available online or Les Schwab)
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Jay Ayala

Sounds like a good plan. I should come visit you and give you a hand with your upgrades.

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Jay Ayala

Yeah that aught to be a lot of fun. There are a lot of Mitsubishi guys on the wire and also the expedition portal that we could get to join us.

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Jay Ayala

What are your plans Saturday? Can I come by and see your rig? Are you working on it? Can I come and lend a hand?


Adventure Time!
What are your plans Saturday? Can I come by and see your rig? Are you working on it? Can I come and lend a hand?
I'm working for the next two weekends... Will work on it after that (still waiting on parts too). Would love to have a hand if you are free later in the month. :)