Giving Dobinson Suspension a try...


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Thought I might share my experiences with opting for Dobinson Suspension MRR remote resevoir coilover suspension for my 2016 4Runner Trail. After much research online and reading about the success Dobinson has had with the Land Cruiser world....why not?

Disclaimer - Not affiliated with Dobinson USA or their affiliates. Simply sharing my experiences.

I have received all the parts and waiting for a work day window to open up so I can get started on the install. A couple of notes regarding the parts.

- The upper control arms are crazy stout.
- The overall build quality is quite impressive.
- Love the fact you can select your preferred spring color. (I went with black...)
- The mounting points on the shock arms are beefy
- I actually like the rubber bushings. My truck is not a trophy racing truck. Spherical bushings tend to be harsh. (Specifically for racing and 'feel' for the surface you are racing on). I am looking forward to see how the suspension performs. My gut tells me - the suspension will be even more 'forgiving' on rough surfaces.

Hope this helps others. So far - I am quite pleased with my decision to give these a try. Looking forward to getting them installed.



Cool! Good timing as I have been looking at them as well. Main Line Overland has been pushing them hard. Can't wait to see what you think!


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I just went with them also. Just had suspension and JBA UCA's installed last week. I didn't go with the RR though.
So far I really like everything, I haven't had the chance to really test it out and put it through its paces yet, but I've taken it on a few rough roads just outside of town and I've liked what I've felt so far.


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I went with the red coils myself, kind of a sucker for that stuff, and the UCA’s I have are red too, so I think it looks good together.

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I was going to start a new thread but decided to post here. Went with the company color shocks, springs and upper control arms. I tow a teardrop trailer and this setup has helped a lot.
We just return from a week in Gold Butt and Toroweap areas, with a lot of dirt roads and were better than I had hoped for.