Globe Camper or Bimobil

I’m Tiago from Portugal and I’m thinking about a camper cell for my LR Defender 130. After a visit to Abenteur & Allrad exhibition and some reads about this subject I have two options on the table: Bimobil or Globe Camper. Actually I prefer the Globe Camper cell since it’s lighter and smaller wich allows the Defender to keep it’s offroad capabilities. But there’s only one issue. Does a pop-up cell provide the same comfort level in winter time?
Looking forward to read your opinions!
Thank you.
Hello from Colorado,
I'm not familiar with either camper, I did Google them both. The Bimobil looks like a hardside camper, hardside campers are warmer in cooler weather, I have a Pop up camper and have camped in very Cold weather and been comfortable. I have what is called a polar pac, helps keep out cold/hold in heat.
Do those cells replace the bed on your LR?

From googling, they look like they're designed for pickups, or for plain chassis vans.
both Bimobil and Globe Camper are suitable for pick ups and both could be removable. but the question is about cold weather comfort on pop up option. I guess the polar pac is some kind of thermal insulation. thank you.
I personally wouldn‘t go with Bimobil. Sure they‘re nice and roomy inside, but they‘re a huge and heavy!
Just google „Bimobil Rahmenbruch“ or „Pickup Rahmenbruch“. There‘re several threads on German speaking Forums about Bimobil campers with broken frames. And the company absolutely doesn‘t care. There‘s even a lawsuit going on if I remember right. The Defender might have a better frame as a Nissan Navara, but I wouldn‘t risk it for a around the world camper.

Is your Defender a double cab?
Are you traveling with two adults only? Or with kids?
Around the world?
On pavement only?
Want to go offroad?

I wouldn‘t care too much about a pop up camper in cold weather. Get yourself a good heater. I would make sure having the option to sit or at least to sleep inside the camper with the roof closed. If there‘s just two adults traveling I would go with a single cab and Globe Camper cabin, such as shown below. Enough room inside the camper and enough payload for all your gear and needs.

Cheers, Neil


In spain there is a builder, called Uro camper. On the abenteuer und allrad exhebition 2016 I saw their explora camper, and it is really impressive. I like it more than the Bimobil units.
On facebook and Flickr they place lots of pictures, you definitely should check it out!