GMC Topkick 4x4 Expedition Camper Build

The subframe is made from 4" x 2" x 1/4" steel tube.
3 mounting point using Freightliner front spring bushings - massive and not expensive.
2 at the front and one at the rear.
any more information on this...... never seen a freightliner front spring bushings..... didn't know that even existed.... or is that retrofitted spring bushings from another part of a freightliner not ambo related?
I used the rubber / steel bushing from the eye of a leaf spring from a class 8 Freightliner truck front axle.
From memory 4" wide, 2.25" OD, 20 mm bore.
The front axle is designed for about 12,000 lbs, so I figured this would give me more than enough capacity with 3 of these bushings.
Just got the interior spray foamed. Tremendous improvement in rigidity - everything really solid now.
What a mess though !! Lots of clean up still required, and detailed finishing. One thing I should have done is taped the wires sticking out, so they wouldn't get covered in foam. Also lost one set of wires - but I think I know where they are so will have to dig them out !!