Google Earth question

Probably a simple thing but I'm computer illiterate and could use a hand. I pinned some locations and made paths on Google Earth on my laptop and I assumed they would show on Google Earth on my tablet since its logged on to the same account but it doesn't show up and whats more the Google Earth on my tablet doesn't have the same options to add pins and plot paths. Is their different versions for tablets or an update I'm missing?
It has been a long time since I have used Google Earth but I think when you PIN locations those locations are saved locally and not shared thru Google. You can export those Pinned locations. Since you have a Google Account you have Google Drive. There is apps for that for Windows and Android. Consider it "Cloud" based online storage. You can export your Pinned Locations to Google Drive and then Import them on the Tablet.

I gave up years ago when I realized that it mainly works only with an internet connection. Most of the information in Google Earth can only be accessed if you are online. Since Google Maps now allows you to download areas for offline use. It is easy to "Star" or add locations to Favorites plus create a location with info. Once you have downloaded an area you can use the navigation tools for trip routing just like you did online.
User interface of laptop is different from the tablet.
The option which you can easily find on the laptop were not easy to find on tablet.\

In tablet view they you will get some limited option , but that options are enough to complete your tasks.
Just you have to search for it.

And if you saved your location then can find it but you have to search for it in tablet or have to export it.