Got the start for my 550 build

As winter continues and I'm waiting to paint the outside, another thought has entered my mind! (bad thing) My one concern has been interior height of the over cab bed. I am going to extend the bed 20" into the main box but with a decent mattress I'm concerned that my face will only be inches from the roof. I played with layout for a year now and just don't see any way around it. One of our must haves is a permanent bed. no fold down the table every time! Sitting at the table this morning with coffee and Baileys and I thought what if I take out the roof above the bed and add an 8" high aluminum "pod". The guy that did my other aluminum work could easily do it. In order to keep the roof lines not looking to Hill Billy I would start my roof rack at the back of the pod with the top rail being the same height as the top of the pod. This would also solve my awning issue as I'd now have clearance above the door. Will have to chat with my metal guy and see about cost. Now's the time to do it before I start the inside!