GPS mapping for Europe and Morocco?


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Hi all,

So I have a 4 week trip planned for late next year in my 110 Defender. I've always been a sucker for paper maps - here in the UK I use OS Maps 1:50,000 land ranger series or 1:25,000 for more populated areas. They've always seen me in good stead and are easy to use if a little cumbersome, however, with this planned trip down through France, Spain, Portugal, across to Morocco for a few weeks then back up through Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Holland and finally back to the UK I think it's time to get into the 21st century navigation wise! I've dabbled with a Memory Maps setup on a friends laptop with an external GPS receiver, Memory Maps uses the same OS Maps I'm used to so this worked well for me but I'm not sure about European or Moroccan coverage. I've been reading up on posts of what others are using and to be honest it boggles my mind as I'm not great with Technology :Wow1:

So I have a few questions, firstly, is there anyone out there that has done a similar route and if so what kit are you successfully using and how easy is it to use? I'll have a trusty navigator (the misses) so I can keep my eyes mainly on the road/route, I've been looking at tablets and iPads and even ToughBooks to be semi-perminantly mounted in the vehicle but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

Any info would be greatly appreciated on this subject, as I said I'm not best with technology!



Sorry, still getting use to tapatalk!

I have used old PDAs, laptops, phones etc previously bit the last 8 months across Russia we ised a Garmin Map60 cx. With open street maps. Worked a treat and the navigation is spot on. GPS cam be had for £100 om ebay. RAM mount and 12v lead will sort you out to. If ypur starting out I thonk this is the best way to go. If you allready have an ipad then you could look at those options.

If you go down the proper GPS route then make sure you get the expandable memory option 'X ' in garmin talk. The C signifies colour screen. You can drop a 2GB card in and load the free OSM Maps on.

Ypu don't need a toughbook. Spend the money on better specs if you want to go laptop route.

Think about it practically though. Laptops are a PITA a small screen mounted Garmin was great for everything and easy to pop in the cubby box when you stop.

26000 miles in the northern hemisphere and its what i plan to use in Australia.

Email me if ypou need to know more

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Or you can buy a Garmin GPS which has internally stored Europe map complete with about a
1 million points of interest like restaurants, fuel stations, stores, etc etc. Be sure to get one with an SD card slot. You can pay the money and buy a Morocco map SD card or download Open Street Maps onto an SD card. I'd recommend downloading everywhere you've ever considered going that's not on your Europe-only internal memory, like Russia, Africa, etc.



Hi Matt, I tend to use a generic gps head unit running a Europe map for mainland Europe, for morroco you can use T4A- tracks for africa or Olaf's Morocco topo for garmin or go buy Chris scotts Morocco book it has the gps waypoints and route descriptions for Morocco combine this with a michelin 742 map and you will be golden.

I've used the michelin and current info from the hubb when I go south.
no need for street plans in Morocco, if you seem to hesitate while driving "le guide" will show up and lead you to your destination for a small gift:smiley_drive:
chris's website here:




For ALL of Europe, I would highly recommend an iPad with the TomTom nav app available from the Apple store. I have used the software all over the NoAm continent, and in southern Europe. The maps are excellent, and if you practice a bit around home before going to new places, I think it could do all your nav work for you on a big screen with no small buttons to hunt for while in a moving vehicle. I have several [don't embarrass me by asking how many] dedicated Garmin units, and none of them is as easy to read or operate as the iPad/TomTom combination, and none gives an objectively better read out.

HOWEVER – information display is a very personal thing. How I like it may not be how you like it. So perhaps some other solution would be better for you. Hands down this is better for me, including when I am driving and navigating as well as when my wife is doing the nav work.



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Hi there

i'm glad to see that you plan to visit portugal

regarding gps tools for europe and marroco, if you plan to use a gps device i advice you to get a garmin, you can get life time map updates if you choose a model that has them, but you can easily find maps online.

i think that you should combine a gps device with a tablet or a computer, a tablet would be better, specially if its android. you can download aerial imagery and use gps on them, like google maps without internet, you can download large maps for that using MOBAC, i can provide with a version of mobac with most sources (they deleted the best ones in the latest release) if you need ;)