Gray Water Tank in an LK/LN2

Picking up on Jons post.
We have a washing machine and its probanly the best bit of kit we installed. It uses hardly any power and makes life so much easier.

Secondly we are currently in a warm climate area 35 plus most days.

Our grey tank only takes grey and not black combined. In this heat after literally an hour being stored the grey water stinks really bad.

If you are looking to install some sort of heating in the grey tank then i would make sure that it has really good ventalation and traps to stop the odour getting back up into the sinks etc.

We dont keep grey waste on board long.

Thank Neil, I will plan on a tank vent and for each sink, a trap. The shower will likely be a separate sump with a pump so that should act as a trap. Starting to look into a re-circulation system for the shower (anyone know of a good one?). On the boat the shower is our largest use of water, but since we have a RO unit getting more water is not an issue. With this truck we will have to use less to be able to stay out longer.
Maybe a small 12/24v bilge pump in the shower tray, one of those flat round rubbery camping universal sink plugs to keep some water in once you're clean (because traps for showers don't come with plugs, sink traps need more space under the tray otherwise a commercial sink trap with one of those tall tube plugs that include the overflow down the middle cut appropriately to control water height?), pump directly connected to a second shower head?