Greetings! Got a Mog project, need some advice from experienced folks


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Gretings All,

New Mog owner here, new forum member, first time posting.

I have a very general question for you long-timers about my new late-70's agricultural diesel 406 that's been sitting (unfortunately not mothballed) for about 12 years with only a few starts here and there:

What's on the list of things you would do to such a Mog before you tried starting her? In other words, what things would you do, and in what order would you do them, to get such a beast back in functioning order? You can assume she's not a rusty mess; been living in southern Arizona for those 12 years.

Thanks in advance for any input. I know it's a very broad question, but I figure there must be some standard hoops that folks jump through in circumstances like this.

I'm happy to provide as much further detail as I can. In fact, I'll post some pictures of the beast here tomorrow!



Firstly welcome aboard! We are all completely mad here so having bought a truck you should fit right in! :) On a serious note, 1, Make sure the air box/filter and inlet manifold is clear of rodents, nests etc (or disconnect the inlet hose where it enters the inlet manifold... I'll add to this at the end). 2, Make sure the coolant is clean and where it should be. If not, ditch it and fill with fresh. 3, Fuel... Make sure the tank is free of water and the diesel is not stale.. probably best to drop the contents, change the filters and prime fresh fuel thrugh to the high pressure pump, then once its running you know the filters and fuel is good. 4, Have decent batteries to hand to start with, and have something of equivalent voltage there to help with a jump start. This gives you every chance that if bled properly, it will start. Lastly No 5, Having left the inlet pipe disconnected, find yourself something flat and timber like that can close the inlet manifold off if required. This last line is not meant to scare you off but is just a precaution... Some mechanical injected diesels have the ability to have their governors jam open with moisture in fuel thats been left standing. The likelyhood of this happening on a Mog is about .5% but youd get a hell of a fright if you turned the key, it fired straight up and ran away on you. I've seen it twice in my life and was prepared the second time. Post some pics and let us know how you go! :)


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Thanks for the replies, guys! I may just follow both of these lines of advice. My guess is that she's going to need more work than I'm fit to give, but I can do the routine stuff that Sitec has recommended just to get her started (and get a decent idea of just how much needs to be done). Here, as promised (if a little late), are some photos of Her Majesty. See anything alrming or pertinent? Please let me know; I'm just starting my Mog-learning journey:

100_2204 small.jpg



Nice! If it still presents half as well as it does in the pics, I'd say you have yourself a pretty good truck there! Just get it home without being tempted to tinker, and then methodically go thru the prep and start up procedure. Once it's running and you've confirmed the engine etc is all good, then shut it down and do the same again for the trans, shafts and axles. Check all oil levels, and if anything looks cloudy or dirty, change it. Drain the air tanks etc. With a running vehicle and all driveline/fluids checked, you are ready for it to move... Check the clutch works (hand on key/stopper in case it doesn't), and then that the brakes actually work before getting out of first gear!! (and if they don't, just turn the key off and it'll stop on it's own!). Good luck, and remember to enjoy it as it'll be a long and interesting journey with days where you'll be thinking 'what the heck am I doing???'! I'm not that far in front of you... Have me a truck and a body, but they're not yet joined! :)


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I’ve just started my 1976 406 after standing for 10 years. Dumped the fuel, removed the tank and flushed it. Clean the filter under the pickup pipe, accessed from the drain plug, the prefilter and replaced the two fuel filters. Fresh fuel and bled the system.

Drained the engine oil. Clean the gauze outer filter by blowing air from the inside out. Lots and lots as the gauze is likely to be quite blocked. Replace the inner oil filter. My MB trained mechanic then forced 10 litres of oil in through the bung in the oil filter. This acts like the oil pump and forces oil into all of the journals. Then top off through the oil filler.

Drain and replace the coolant and look for leaks. I replaced the main hoses.

Use a good penetrating oil on as many throttle linkages that you can see. Bounce the throttle to ensure it releases. Have someone ready to push it closed at the IP......just in case.

Turn the hand throttle anti-clockwise to half position, select neutral, turn the key to position 1 and hit the starter. Mine started up immediately. Brilliant engines. Look through the oil filler cap to make sure oil is seeping out through the top of the rocker journals. To shut down turn the hand throttle clockwise.

Good luck. I’m sure it will be a fun project.