Group Buy: MaxTrax


I posted this over on Jeep Garage, but thought since the Uncrate deal below went so quickly that this might be an option. It looks like it would come out to $255 shipped for any color.

I've been looking at getting a set of Maxtrax and notice they are very popular here, but I have not seen a group buy. Bottom line, 20 orders min, 15% off, shipped to your home.

From there website:

Group Buy Program
Is your local 4WD group or club interested in hosting a group buy with MAXTRAX?

If you can wrangle over 20 individuals interested in joining the MAXTRAX Army, we’ll gladly consider your club or group’s effort for a 15% discount.

To arrange this, please email beforehand, as we have a limited amount of group buy slots available, typically limited to one-per month, which must be arranged in advance.

How it works:

Assign a main point of contact for your club
Reach out to to arrange the group buy in advance.
Set a period in which members must commit to the group buy
Fulfill the 20 person minimum
We’ll provide your club with a discount code to purchase directly through our website—that means MAXTRAX will arrive directly at each club member’s home, rather than having to arrange a central pick-up and shipping location—easy as!

Any interest? I'm pretty swamped with school and work and don't have time to be the point person, but I'm definitely in.



I’m in on two sets but also can’t be a point person. Pm me if you get a point person.

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Ok, I have decided to be the point person on this as it really isn't too difficult. I have gotten approval from Matt at MaxTrax for the go ahead. As soon as we have 20 people who are ready to place the order, I will confirm it with Matt and get the 15% discount code. I am shooting for 1 July 2019 as the closing date for this or as soon as I get 20 people on board. Please post here if you can commit to ordering at least one set of MaxTrax boards.

They are right at $255/pair shipped directly to your address and multiple pairs can be ordered. I'm waiting to see if we need 20 orders or just 20 sets. Once we reach the threshold, the group buy will execute. If there is enough interest, we may do another after that. Thanks, Rob

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