GSI Pressure cooker?

I've been using one for the last 4 years or so and have been very happy with it.

It works great for making shredded beef tacos as well as many other dishes.

My wife likes to use a pressure cooker because it saves a lot of propane, cuts down on cooking time and preserves the nutrients of vegetables. I like the GSI one but she's going pick up an IMUSA the next time she's in Colombia (or Miami, the capital city of South America).


Car camping, yes. Cheap mirro/presto on the Coleman stove. It can save time and fuel, especially at altitude. Our recipes were just our normal at-home recipes for stew, chili, and such. They also make it possible to cook cheap--cheap cuts of meat or staples like dried beans.
Couldn't find the thread, but thanks for the lead.

Going to pick one up and try it out, I like the idea of saving fuel and cooking time on our trips!! I'll post up some pictures of the test meals.

On another note, NEW TOYS!! for the chuck box.:chef:


We had the oportunity to handle one, no cooking though, at the Outdoor Retailer Show and really liked the design. Everything seemed solid and we like the idea of cooking with one. I think we may have to pick one up to play around with.

On another note, NEW TOYS!! for the chuck box.:chef:

Looks like you have a great setup! What green bowls are those?

Also, what stove are you using?

We found the green silicone bowls at a kitchen store in Grand Juction, Co. on main st. I don't remember the name but, I will give the store owner a call and find out. Just a great shop with awesome people to help you out. We are using a Camp Chef Denali stove with the grill in the center, but we also just bought a Cobb BBQ portable cooker. We are updating our old gear. love getting to play with new toys! Fresh baked bread, dessert and pizza is on the list for this year!! :chef:
Here is a link to the ISI basic silicone bowls we really like the bowls so far. You can mix batters and squeeze the sides and pour the batter out in a controled manner, pancake, muffins, etc. I'll keep everyone updated on the new gear and how it works out. We used your reviews to buy quite a bite to determine what we got. Keep up the good work! Now we just need to put up some pressure cooker recipes! Anybody? Favorite recipe? :chef:

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I've been using the GSI pressure cooker for a few years now. I think the quality is good for such a light pot. It does pay for itself eventually with fuel savings. We've made some pretty amazing meals in ours. Not easy to cook many things for just two small appetites in that pot, but it can be done.
After 40+ years as a Chef in Life (glorified Cook really...) this was the first year I reverted to a "Pressure Cooker" as a need because of Fire bans. Of course I love it and has opened up many possibilities. I use a "Presto" 4 quart, it is only "I" (my Buddy Spirit does not do Human Food!) and it is "Stainless Steel". I feel a very important aspect. Sure, it has a handle that protrudes... no big deal! Under $30 (I think Amazon).
I am fond of Anasazi Beans! They take half the time to cook and do not require soaking, they taste delicious and can be the base ingredient for many recipes. Having been on the road for over 5 years now without refrigeration I also rarely use meat unless stumbling on a butcher who will also give me ice... Love winter of course when it comes to food storage!!!
Those beans take about 25 minutes of actual cooking. This was salad I made not long ago. It is a take off on an Egyptian Dish (Foul) made with Fava Beans (my Grand Parents lived in Cairo).

Cooked Anasazi Bean
A couple hard boiled eggs
Diced tomato
2~4 cloves of garlic pressed
2 tablespoons of Olive Oil
Juice of a couple lemons
sliced green onion


My recipes are very loose. Mostly templates... no panic if one has allergies toward a certain ingredient or not available as I use the local fare...

Anyhow, just a thought! There is more...

Be well, Ara and Spirit
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Roseann has been using a GSI pressure cooker at home and on the road for years. It saves huge amounts of fuel (we have to haul propane for home cooking too) and produces superb results. We're still on the original lid gasket.

The 2.7-liter model is fine for two people. For a family you'd want the larger one.