Guided Himalayan trip

Has anyone done one of these...?
They all seem around the 2 week duration.
Any one recommend any of the tour groups?
Kathmandu to Everest base camp sounds like a good enough adventure.
I've done self guided and supported trips before but don't want the hassle.

Nath, I was finishing the Annapurna circuit and ran into a group on the way to Mulktinath via Royal Enfields. They had a guide and mechanic with them and were having a great time. From my understanding, Nepal only allows vehicle travel with a guide. From my perspective on the Annapurna circuit this was well worth it as our Sherpa had extensive local knowledge, stories etc which really enriched the experience. My impression was these guides were providing similar to the folks on the bikes. Everest Base camp won’t have as much local flavor due to the high number of tourists that go there. Just something to consider.

Nepal is an amazing country and any exploration will provide many great memories.

Cheers, Jamrs

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I have a contact if you need one. Solid guy, was with me from beginning to end the last time I was in Nepal. Just started his own guiding outfit, but been doing it his whole life. PM me if you're interested.
I hiked the Annapurna Circuit in 2015. I didn't have anything set up in advance and was able to hire a porter in Kathmandu that knew the route well. Saved myself a ton of money on guides (if you're interested in that). Ultimately I spent the same amount of money there, just on other stuff (those people need our dollars). If you're comfortable with doing it alone and winging it, then I'd go that route. I think it's more interesting as well. I would add that I've got a pretty fair amount of experience climbing overseas so for me it was no big deal. If you're interested, much of that trip is posted here on my blog "My Journeys" in the In Progess Adventures section. Amazing place and the people are the best.....

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