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So here's the situation that I am looking for some "professional" advice on. When I purchased and installed a CB in my 100 series, I was told that I could use the same wiring for a Ham down the road. I went cheap on the CB knowing that I was going to get my tech license and recently decided to finish cleaning up the install of the CB. Here's the current setup and plan:

  • Midland 75-822
  • Coax running through the fireall to a NMO PS fender mount
  • PCTEL antenna

My set up right now is very similar to TheForger's below as shown on Mud. I also recently purchased a UHF Female SO239 to UHF Male PL259 flange mount that I plan to install on the center console to connect the CB and coax/antenna so the cables won't be hanging in the foot well as below.

When I passed the technician's license exam last year, a friend who I took the test with convinced me to get a HT (getting a mobile is still in the plan later this year). So I purchased a Baofeng UV-82HP. If possible, can I use the existing coax and NMO mount for the UV-82HP?

I'd need to purchase the Battery Eliminator with DC Adapter, a right-angle connector/coax/PL259 to run to the SO239 flange mount, and a new antenna.

Is this even feasible? If so, what antenna(s) should I be looking at? And can I leverage the same infrastructure once I go mobile?

And last, the other day I was reading on KOBG.com yesterday that I may want "to wind a choke using a mix 31 split bead" since I've got a lot of excess coax in the PS foot well. Is this necessary or recommended or just dependent upon the tuning/testing the antenna.

Anyway, thanks in advance for Expo's collective advice!

Photos: Battery Eliminator

Right angle connector

HT connected to External Antenna


A dual band mobile antenna would work fine with the Baofeng and then later with a mobile. The coax should be fine so it can be reused.
I use a Browning BR-180 from Amazon and have beat it against trees weekly for at least the last year and it has held up fine. If you want to drop about 3x as much money on a Larsen 2/70 antenna they are typically regarded as being one of the best. A choke on the coax isn't likely to hurt anything and it would make the excess coax more tidy.
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I've goofed off with a similar setup, looks like I have the same mag-mount antenna in the photo, more of a temporary deal if I need to borrow a vehicle, but I was surprised how well it worked.

NMO is a good mobile HAM connector, should have no issues there finding an antenna. Coax should work fine. If you can use less coax it's better, I take it the longer the coax the more loss you get by the time it reaches the antenna, but if it works it's probably good for now, maybe not "optimal" but it shouldn't hurt anything.

I wouldn't be overly concerned with the choke thing, K0BG primarily focuses on HF, I'm not sure if this applies for VHF/UHF as well, but it may not. HF is real finicky, VHF/UHF is not.

If you want to go even further, you can get hand mics for the Baofeng HTs so you can talk a bit more comfortably and not have wires dangling off trying to hold it up to you. You'll need a dual PTT mic, or just mind the band if you use a single PTT mic.

I'm liking my UV-82HP so far, only had it a few days, but I already had a UV-5R, shares my extra antennas and programming cable, nice upgrade.


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I have baofeng the Gen before yours the 5rplus. I have the regular coax adapter sma connector I got from amazon. As well as the battery eliminator. The mini mag antenna did not last. I bought a dual band full size mag antenna from amazon. A dual section I had to put together, no big deal. I was floored the antenna and radio matched great swrs were 1.4 on vhf with a dead 1 on uhf. I have it in a Chevy suburban and got same reading with the antenna on top and drivers side hood area.

I should've gotten the right angle transition piece you mention above.
I also should have gotten the external mic[a problem I'll rectify shortly] the other poster above mentioned.

It down side it not having a full 50w radio the transmit range is poor. But the radio does the job as long as you can hit the repeater.

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*Dual Band Handheld* connected to External Antenna

Friend of mine has this same setup in his Jeep. Works great across rigs in Simplex. Also via repeater if he is close to it. We are both 24 miles from the same repeater. His setup (in the vehicle) cannot reliably Tx/Rx. He can receive ok, but just not enough power/other to Tx. Quite frustrating....

My FT-60 with a Diamond antenna, stand alone outside of vehicle, has no problem Tx/Rx to the same repeater.
Thanks for everyone's feedback. Once it gets warm around here I'll finish cleaning up the installation, tune the antenna, and see how it works.

And yes, I'm kicking myself for not getting at least a FT-60, but will have my eye on a mobile later this year.