HAM Operators- Post up here


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Just realized this thread was here :/

KB1PMW - Chuck, Walpole, NH
2m Yaesu FT-2800/2m-70cm Icom 901A/ 2m Yaesu FT-1900R
2M Yaesu VX-150/2m-70cm Yaesu FT-50R/2m Radio Shack HTX-200

Mostly got in the hobby for e-comms, but found I send a lot more time just BSing on the nets then actually doing anything CERT or ARES related. Most of my off-road adventure buddies use GMRS HTs, and of course my dual banders are programmed to monitor them. Don't use the gear as much as I use to, but still enjoy having it when I feel like using it.


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Current licenses:

AB6WM - Ben Lomond CA
VE3SUN - Stony Lake, Ontario, Canada
C31LJ - Andorra
G0RZJ - in all CEPT countries

51 years a ham.

- Peter

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Call is KK6NDJ - Ron, SF Bay Area
Current Licensed as General

My rig is a KX3, with accessories ready to go in a Pelican case. I still don't have a power amp, so limited to 10W max.

Various portable antennae and power supplies.

Have a low-powered vehicle to go with my low-powered radio - VW Syncro Westy, named Quadrat.



West Phoenix area.

Current using an Azden PSC-7000H on the 2M band. I use the Baofeng at times when on foot or not in my main truck.


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WV8SAR in Lookout, WV
Been a Jeep guy for years but about to go into a Ford pick up. Here looking for set ups of GPS and ham rigs. Been a member since 2013 first post I think.
Fresh off the printer, just granted


Bellevue, WA

Have the ubiquitous Baofeng HT, and a just put in the truck a Kenwood D710G. Looking to play around some with APRS. Of course I just relocated the headunit to the overhead console, seems like a great place but the GPS now won't pick up a signal. Here's the money pit starting to open, need an external GPS now...


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KE0ASL - Military stationed in S. Korea.

Currently hold a Technician license, used to participate in the Insomniac net in California when I lived there, but now I am stationed in S. Korea and haven't found much use for 2M. Will test for General next month and may get started with DX.

Recommended books for Overlanding


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I forgot to post in this thread. Took the Tech and General on 8-22.


I have the Kenwood 281A and a Yaesu FT60R HT.

I'm trying to get an Antenna and radio for the "shack" (upstairs corner of the room).