HAM Operators- Post up here


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Basil lynch KM6EMZ San Diego, CA

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Basil (KM6EMZ), we must have taken the test on the same day or something.... My call is KM6ESZ

Got my tech a month ago (aced it), about to get my general Saturday in Fremont, CA.

I have a Baofeng UV-82hp HT, but I'm waiting at home right now for the post office to deliver my new (to me) Yaesu FT-857D, which I bought from eBay a few days ago. Don't have an antenna for mobile use, yet. Trying to figure out a way to make my communications rig mobile between two cars.



Hi guys, im sure this may have been asked or proposed before but I'm curious...

Is there a way we can put this list to use? from what I gather, most hams are sticking to V/U bands, which is fine, but those of use using HF...has there ever been talk of starting a HAM NET for overlands for example? As I remember on another forum there used be a net, not sure what happened to it but it seems to have disappeared. In any case, Im probably one of the few ones who would benefit the least from this (given that I live overseas and HF conditions aren't always the same). In any case, just voicing a thought and testing the waters!



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Forum Name: Phessor
First Name: Daryl
Call sign: KD7SIE
Other call sign: KG4TM
Radios: Kenwood TM-V7A mobile and Yaesu V-5R handheld.
Frequency usually on: 2m/70cm
Location: Smallville, Az




I travel and teach across the US. Often in western NC.

Will be mostly on 2m/70cm, maybe 1.25m (still researching a radio).

Just took my Tech and General exams yesterday, started at 1000 hours. Had my call sign by 1230. I didn't know they could happen that fast

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Hillsborough, NC (near Chapel Hill)
Currently just an FT-60R - sold all my HF gear a while ago - but looking to get back into it with an Elecraft KX3.


K5JGL here

TM-V71A in the Tundra. KX2 for /p and I'm really looking for a good antenna to mount on the truck. I just picked up some SDHQ A-pillar mounts so I'm hoping to get a nice 20m antenna to put there, maybe even a 10/15/20 up to 40m antenna


Just got my callsign posted today: KC1GQP Just a UV-5R for now.

Also have had a GMRS license for a couple years as well. WQSX803