HAM Operators- Post up here


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KD9IOJ - Konstantin based in Chicago. Got my license in May 2017, only using handhelds so far (including a TYT MD-380 DMR UHF). Starting to look at mobiles...


Passed my General but had to deal with the "question" on the paperwork, one week after they approved my General upgrade, got my GMRS approval as well WRDY593


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A few changes since I was on here last:

Forum Name: Firemaniac
First Name: Chris
Call sign: KD7ZKB
Class: General
Radios: Tacoma; Icom IC-2730, Trailer; Icom V8000, APRS; Icom V8 sport, with Mobilinkd TNC2, and APRSdroid
Frequencies frequently monitored: 2m .520 simplex, and the Pilchuck repeater 146.920
Location: Northern Puget Sound, and Cascades.


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Forum Name: gromit
Name: Rick
Call: KK2DX
Class: Extra
Location: Scottsdale, AZ and Rochester, NY


Forum Name: Worthingtontw
Name: Spencer
Call: KM6RRK
Class: Technician
Location: Walnut Creek, CA

Mostly monitor W6CX on Mt. Diablo when at home.


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Name: Cody
Call: WX4WCS
Class: General
Location: Canton, GA

I monitor several local repeaters, DStar REF 030C, and the Venture Overland DMR talkgroup when I'm at home. Eventually I'll get a mobile hotspot so I can monitor off road as well.