Handy portable pressure shower


Either fill with warm/hot water, or let the sun warm the water. 2.5 gal.
Simple. Basic. Affordable. Light weight. Small. Portable. Pressure driven shower.
Now all you need is a shower enclosure in your pop top, which is easy enough to cobble together.
It doubles as an outside shower!

If the weather is cool, but the sun is shining, set it on the dashboard or front seat with the sun pouring in on it.

Idea legally captured on the internet, and released back to the internet unharmed. ;-)


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I have been using a black "deck sprayer" for years now. Works great. Look for them in the paint section of your local hardware store. We use it for hand washing mostly. Comes in handy washing hair and brushing teeth too. Over the years I have had to replace the wand a couple times. I have it shortened up and mounted to my rear bumper.


You can see it in the back of the truck in the above picture. Here it is mounted to the tire rack on the back of my old truck:


You can see it in the back of the truck in the above picture.

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I use a black bug sprayer and added a wheel/tire valve for no pumping.

I'm unclear on the concept of the valve. Do you pump it to a specific psi after you've got the desired amount of shower water added? As the volume ratio of water-to-air dips as water is used up during a shower, doesn't the psi need to be periodically hiked to compensate for that loss, so that you maintain a steady flow? Pardon my ignorance, but I'd really like to add a valve to my duckworks unit if only I understood how to manage the air pressure with such a system. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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I bought a 1gal bug sprayer very similar to that but it is grey. I wish it was black to help heat up the water quicker. i cant complain because it was only 10$ from lowes.
Ditto here. We've used a 2 gal RL sprayer since about 1980 in Baja. I replace the supplied hose with a longer fuel hose and shorten the wand. A coffee pot of boiling water mixed with room temp water does the job. The sprayer atomizes the water and stretches it out. Good for the hard to reach orifices. We used to fill a solar shower bag up with salt water and scrub,then rinse with fresh,further economizing. Typically 1/2 gal is good each person. A few pumps as the water is used maintains psi.:sombrero:


If it is in the bottom of the shower, you just reach down and "freshen" the pressure with a few pumps when the spray slows.
Really, I don't have one (yet), but I like the idea, and I have too much past experience with garden sprayers, and that is what this is a "glorified" version of....
I do think it is a clever idea, a "marriage" of a garden sprayer with a hand held shower nozzle.

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