hardside camper on small rig pic


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Ranger - Lance Squire LS1000 7.6.JPG
Would love to see pic of trucks and campers on smaller trucks and feed back.
The first one isn't mine, but judging by your user name you'll like this ranger.

I have the same year / model lance (1987 Squire LS1000 7.6), but the one on the Ranger is much cleaner than mine. I'm looking for more input myself (I just got it last week and haven't loaded it up yet).

Looking forward to more responses to your post!



Thanks for shareing good luck with yours let me know how it does. Not easy to find my truck campers in northeast that fit smaller trucks


metal melter


This is my work in progress. 1983 Valley on my 1992 Toyota Flat Deck. I did a reno on the inside, and added some insulation. So far the coldest night spent in it was -28'c. Toasty warm in there!

I am currently looking for one that is a little smaller, maybe a pop up.