Has anyone use turdoglide in woolongong


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From what I've heard, they are one of the better ones around.

I have talked with a couple of guys there when I was looking at a past project (that never eventuated) and they seemed to know what they were talking about. They were also happy to discuss issues over the phone too.
From memory, there are a couple of guys on this forum that have used them and were happy with what they got.
I used them to service my old 1997 1HZ Land cruiser as it had a turbo fitted by them. They also replaced a fuel pump once. They run a very organised workshop and accommodate travellers. I recon you would be in safe hands going with them.
My intercooler and turbo was fitted by John and his team at Turboglide very tidy install looks like a OEM job , cast manifold, rubber vibration mounts on the intercooler. Not cheap yet you will be impressed by quality and performance .

Yes, I used them last year.... or was it the year before.... Anyway GREAT SERVICE.

They did turbo kit on my dualcab FG637


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Good name for a plumbing business though. thanks for the info I'll get it fitted next year cheers have a good Xmas
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