Having trouble getting proper insurance for my expedition vehicle. Who do you use?


Expedition Leader
Vehicles that appreciate or gain value via added gear should be insured based on a set replacement value not a typical auto insurance. We have always used state farm but we also have sizable leverage having multiple properties and multiple family members via the same agent. As a result they will nearly write any sort of coverage we want. My sailboat appreciated in value as such we had coverage based on a set amount. Which I had upped twice over the 9yrs I had the boat. It sold for exactly what it was insured for. Keep in mind this coverage is not bare bones cheap auto insurance. It costs more! But your loss is minimal if a LuluLemon wearing soccer mom plows into you in her Escalade.
Our truck (Oshkosh HEMTT conversion) is with Progressive. We didn't have any issue with it. I have quite a bit of other equipment with them though so that might have helped.