Help Identify This Trailer I'm Building with Timbren Axles


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I picked it up last year for $200 on craigslist. There are no identifying numbers stamped anywhere on the frame. It came with 13" wheels and an Al-Ko torsion axle. The tub is all metal with metal fenders and has a hinged removable metal lid. The lid measures 47" wide by 50.5" long. Other than the faded out decals that say "Acorn", there are no identifying marks on the tub.

I googled the heck out of Acorn trailers and can find zero information about a small metal trailer of this size. The lable on the axle leads me to guess this is late '70s but that's just a guess.

It is definitely unique and my intent is to pull it behind a Jeep TJ over extreame terrain. Its size, weight, and features make it a perfect candidate for a Jeep trailer.



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So far I have the frame done. I wanted to fit the take-off wheels from my jeep when it was stock. They are 31x10s so the Timbren axles needed some offset. This involved just making and outrigger block and a lift block. The toungue may need some reinforceing and it will be getting a Max Coupler or siimilar.

Now its time to do the body. I dread body work....



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Alko axles have been around a very long time. I used one of the first in the Southern California off road market in 1985. They were a great axle, torsion type, but very expensive. Exclusive on high end trailers such as Air Stream and Holiday Rambler. We put them on our Pro Trac Desert King. I think we may have built 6 or 7 trailers with them, then changed to Dexter as it was closer to the price point we needed the axle to be.

Currently Alko and Dexter make axles for all military trailers for the US, Nato and other countures.

I have not seen anything negative about the Timbren, just need more time on the trail by brave folks willing to try them. I did it with Dexter. Timbren brings ease of build to the table it appears. I have never used on. I like the cross axle for strength of the axle and the cross member of the frame

Good find on the trailer, have fun with it.


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This might help:

Al-Ko european axle manfucaturer?????
Al-ko actually started in Europe but as mentioned above is also sold in in US as Dexter.

As far as Acron in the UK, I sent them an email with pics of the trailer and their response was this:

"Hi Todd
This is not our Acorn Logo so does not come from us so can't be of any assistance to you with more information.
However,if you are looking for a quality trailer we can certainly be of assistance with supply of one.
Our non braked trailers start from £695 size 6 foot 6 by 4 foot 3 with a A frame drawbar and 13 inch wheels on a full torsion suspension axle.
We can be contacted in 01522 704111
Best regards
In behalf of Acorn Trailers."


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So the Acorn logo is not from the UK trailer company.

However, the logo on my trailer does match the logo for the Scamp fiberglass trailers (which I would love to find). Scamp, Casita, and Acorn were all similar models and the Acorn logo is definitely a match. My current hypothesis is that someone had a set of Acorn decals and just slapped them on this metal trailer for fun.


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