Help identifying this bike please

The first one, my best guess is an early 70's Penton.

The second one , the KTM looks like a 2012-2014 250 or 300. The vin tag should be on the head tube.


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Given the size of the expansion chamber exhaust pipe, I'd guess that this is a Penton 400. Yellow number plates were Penton trademarks. The 400 was made only for a couple of years in the mid-1970s using a KTM engine. Acerbis is the name of an aftermarket supplier of replacement fiberglass parts like fenders and hand guards.
The first one is a 75 Penton 400. Get me the last six digits of the Vin on the KTM and I can tell you exactly what it is.
We probably won't be back to the storage units for probably a month or two. I will look through the paperwork to see if there are titles.

Does the Penton have any resale value, or is it more of a novelty?

The BMW might make it's way into my garage. :agree: