Help me choose a head unit


So I'm converting an 2006 ford e350 into a camper style van. I'm laying out the electronic diagram right now and need some advice on if this head unit exists.

basic diagram.

So I understand my wish list might not be completely feasible and I'm not looking to have tons of electronics to drain the battery bank. I'm trying to run everything through one head unit (i.e. not looking for 2 screens, not looking for a separate receiver) if possible. Priority list would look like functionality>price>quality.

What it needs to support:
-At least 2 cameras, preferably 3
-Sat radio
-6 speakers

Desired functions:
-2 zones. I'd like to isolate the front two speakers and the back four. I'd also like to be able to hook up the tv output to the back four speakers preferably through the head unit interface; but if I have to run an aux cord the whole way and keep it near the input on the head unit I'll settle.
-DVR capability for the cameras
-display of the cameras (to use as a backup camera)

I've seen 3 and 4 camera kits with displays and DVR, but I'd rather run everything through one head unit. If I have to I'll take 2 screens over a receiver to run the 2 zones.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Nothing is bought yet so the speakers, cameras, and tv are all up in the air. Thanks.


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I all reality, I would run one of the android head units, then just get the Sirius sat unit separate. wire that in the aux port in the rear for clean sound. The android units give you LOTS of customization. With regard to the cameras, you may have to install a switcher to control what camera you use, but that's only a switch and the rest is hidden. check them out on ebay.